Adult Christmas

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  Good News From Bethlehem

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

12 pages

6 m, 3 w, 6 flex, extras.

Bring the biggest news story ever to your congregation with special, on-the-spot reports from the hills of Bethlehem. Reporters interview villagers on the scene including shepherds who tell how the singing of angels led them to a stable where a baby has just been born. Soon the reporters interview wise men and even the baby's parents themselves. As one reporter closes the newscast he wonders what the world will one day make of the events of this night.

  Good News, Great Joy: Now Appearing at Green Hills

Adult Christmas by Dean Ridings and Dan Robbins

17 pages

1 m, 2 w, 5 flexible, 6 boys, 2 girls, extras.

The church children are practicing for the Christmas program when Katie asks Pastor Steve if they are going to do the program just once at the church. Katie wants her grandmother, who lives at Green Hills Convalescent Center, to see it. Pastor Steve hurriedly arranges for the play to be performed at the center, but Katie is upset when she learns her grandmother won't attend because she hates Christmas. A heartwarming ending to this Christmas drama shows us Christ's love. Performance time: About 50 minutes with suggested songs.

  Hidden Gift

Adult Christmas by Walter Butts

25 pages

4 m, 4 w, extras.

It is a very much depressed Wallis family on Christmas eve that meets to discuss their problems. They hardly have enough money for wood for the fire, Emma may lose her job, Carol's boyfriend is hurt and may die, and brother Joe is in prison. They are all waiting for Judge Davis to bring over a tin box their grandfather left them which, according to his will, cannot be opened until tonight. They hope it is filled with money. As they wait, a stranger enters seeking warmth and they receive him as a friend. When the box is opened and found empty, they discover th...

  Hiriam, the Innkeeper!

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

8 pages

1 m, 2 flexible parts.

Hiriam, the innkeeper from Bethlehem, interrupts the modern day speaker's sermon. Hiriam has been desperately seeking the couple he turned away some 2,000 years ago to now make amends to them. The modern day speaker and assistant are amazed then outraged at his story. But their piousness fades as they see how Hiriam is truly seeking the Christ child. They tell what happened to that newborn Babe and explain that He is still alive and the only way to keep Him is to share Him. Then they do so by shaking hands with everyone. This program will make even visitors a...

  Holly's Christmas Angel

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

43 pages

2 m, 3 w, 1 teenage girl, 1 boy, extras.

Hollister Day wants to spend the day before Christmas at home with his beloved wife, Mamie, but she insists they help their friend, Octavia, who is weak and bitter from surgery. And help they do - first with Octavia's divorcing daughter and son-in-law, and then with a teenage neighbor who is facing an unplanned pregnancy alone. Holly asks a battered angel doll to help. Through prayer, peace and goodwill is spread and somehow, the battered angel is beautiful again. A unique nativity scene, with children portraying the shepherds spreading the good news of Jesus...

  Holly's Christmas Detour

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

43 pages

3 m, 4 w, 1 boy, 2 girls, extras.

Hollister Day is trying to get home to his beloved wife, Mamie, in time for the Christmas church service, but his detour to a small motel may be heaven sent. He's needed to unite a regretful grandmother with her lonely grandchild and bitter daughter-in-law to show a young couple the sacredness of marriage and remind a feuding older couple that true love never really dies. Marriage, divorce, the rights of children and grandparents - everyone will identify with these problems which are faced with faith and humor. Performance time: About 70 minutes. 

  Joe's Wait

Adult Christmas by Thomas J Gardiner

13 pages

4 m.

A modern retelling of the Job story from the Bible. A fascinating discussion about the differences in modern religions. In the waiting room of an airport in the American Midwest, Joe Barnes, a prosperous businessman, is met by his doctor, Ed Tishman. Joe's wife and children were aboard a plane that crashed at the Tel Aviv airport, and he's waiting to hear what happened to them. Dr. Tishman offers pills to calm Joe's nerves, but he refuses them. Joe recounts his toughness in riding out business losses, but confesses his confidence and faith have now been shake...


Adult Christmas by Lynda Pujado

19 pages

8 m, 8 w.

Here is a play which shows that the Christmas story is really a story of people on a journey. Mary and Joseph and the wise men travelled long, difficult distances physically, but more important are their personal journeys. They, along with the shepherds of the field and even a messenger in King Herod's court, face danger, consuming doubt, and sometimes frightening emptiness. For some of them it's a journey into the unknown. Yet each one finds - and follows - a path to the King of Eternity. Their journeys beckon us to follow. Performance time: About 25 minutes...

  Just an Observer

Adult Christmas by Kaye Loughridge

12 pages

6 m, 7 w, 3 flex, 3 g. 2 b, extras.

Easily staged using spotlights. Abia watches with interest when his cousin, Joseph, and his fiancee, Mary, become the talk of the town. From that time, throughout the major events in the life of Christ, Abia is simply a curious spectator. Abia is staying at the inn when Jesus is born. Years later he is also with the caravan that returns to find the missing 12-year-old and hears the bickering that surrounds Jesus' ministry. But later, when Pilate asks, "What will you do with Jesus?" Abia realizes that no one can be just an observer. About 30 minutes.

  Little Light of Love

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

12 pages

1 m, 1 w, extras, non speaking.

Here's an unusual and touching candelight service. Guardian angels Gabriel and Agnes are confused when they hear God is sending the Prince of Peace to earth as a baby. A baby?! No army, no muscle, no clout? Then the Child will certainly need the best home and education to succeed. As they argue over the details, they realize He has already been born. The two angels then help the only way they can. From one stable candle they start lighting candles of the congregation to "light the waiting hearts of all those who stand in the dark." Performance time: About 20 ...

  Lucius of Bethlehem

Adult Christmas by John Teague

38 pages

With doubling: 7 m, 3 w. Extras as desired.

The extreme peril and the boundless love surrounding Jesus' birth is beautifully dramatized here. Lucius, an ex-Roman soldier still vibrant although somewhat crippled, has escorted Mary and Joseph on the long trip to Bethlehem to register for the tax. In return Joseph will build cabinets for the inn that Lucius owns with his wife Swan. They hide the couple in a small cave used as a barn and soon the older couple thinks of Mary as an adopted daughter. But there's danger everywhere. In a tense scene Lucius uses his wit and friendship with local soldiers to enab...

  Melchoir's Journey

Adult Christmas by Susan A J Lyttek

44 pages

12 m, 4 w.

When Matthew, the future evangelist, visits Melchior to tell him about the life and death of Jesus, he is surprised that the old Wise Man knows about the Messiah already. Melchior tells Matthew about when he was young and troubled, he and his fellow Magi, Caspar and Balthazar, followed the star to an uncertain destination. Braving deserts, snakes, storms, and treacherous rivers, they struggled with more than the elements. Beset by grave self-doubt, Melchoir nearly gave up along the way. In the process, his travels became an inward journey of discovery as well...

  Why the Bells Chimed

Adult Christmas by Will Ledesma

20 pages

2 m, 1 w, 1 girl.

Raymond MacDonald Alden's short story, “Why the Chimes Rang,” tells the legend of long ago when, on Christmas Eve, it was the custom for all the people to bring to the church their offerings to the Christ Child. And there had been a time when an unusual offering brought magnificent music from the chimes which were rung, everyone believed, by the angels. But lately, no offering had been great enough ... that is until young, poor boy makes his first pilgrimage through the snow to give his simple gift. Now this classic tale of faith, family, and sacrifice is wov...

  Airport: Christmas Story-Music

by Cheralynn Wilson

10 pages

by Charlee Cardon Wilson.

  Angels' Gift of the Magi

Adult Christmas by Mindy Starns Clark

19 pages

2 m, 2 w

Perhaps the most perfect Christmas parable ever written is O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi." In this one-act play version is the timeless story of Della and Jim, a struggling young couple who seek to give the other the ideal Christmas gift. They barter their most valued possessions to purchase each other's gifts: Della's beautiful long hair for a watch fob and chain, Jim's watch for a tortoise shell comb set for Della. While the physical gifts prove useless, their love is enriched beyond measure. About 35 minutes.