Lucius of Bethlehem

Book By: John Teague
Play #: 1454
Pages: 38 pgs
Cast: With doubling: 7 m, 3 w. Extras as desired.

The extreme peril and the boundless love surrounding Jesus' birth is beautifully dramatized here. Lucius, an ex-Roman soldier still vibrant although somewhat crippled, has escorted Mary and Joseph on the long trip to Bethlehem to register for the tax. In return Joseph will build cabinets for the inn that Lucius owns with his wife Swan. They hide the couple in a small cave used as a barn and soon the older couple thinks of Mary as an adopted daughter. But there's danger everywhere. In a tense scene Lucius uses his wit and friendship with local soldiers to enable Joseph to register without Mary's appearance. Tension rises even more as Lucius and Swan help Mary deliver the Christ child. Lucius must further protect the young family as hordes of people try to determine if the Messiah has been born. Finally, Lucius trades his greatest treasure, a sword given to him by his Tribune, for a fast horse to help the young family move to the safety of Egypt. These richly-detailed characters and emotion-filled scenes will make the Christmas story come alive as never before. About 60 minutes.

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