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  Bible Story Skits

Anytime Youth by

26 pages

Script: 26 pages

Here are five Bible story skits that will captivate hearts, and because they are written in rhyme, it is super easy for young children to memorize their parts. Laughter will fill the air when your children perform "Noah's Zoo." At just the right moment, the narrator, perplexed and bewildered, recites, "By the time he was through, Noah had himself a zoo!" In "Daniel and the Friendly Lions," one of the lions stands and declares, "I'm certainly no dummy...This man, Daniel, doesn't belong in my tummy!" They will delight any audience - any day of the year.

  Church Clinic

Drama Resource by

14 pages

3 m, 8 w.

A humorous allegory where well-known church weaknesses are diagnosed and cured. The patients are Mrs. Over-sensitive, Madame U.R. Highbrow, Elder Over-pious, Mary Jane Tardy, Mrs. Willing Worker, Ima Gossip, and Sam Wealthy. Good doctors and nurses, with a little surgery, effect some cures.

  Seven For Christmas

Christmas Resource by

70 pages

from 2m, 2 w, to 5 m, 7 w.

These seven skits look at Christmas from different angles. Some titles include "Grandma, the Lights Are Out," about faith in our Lord and His provisions for us; "The Perfect Gift," and why no one will accept it; "The Christmas Question" which asks what will you do with Jesus; and the humorous skit, "The Package." While each skit offers a fresh perspective, common to all is the miracle of Jesus' birth and sacrifice. A resource you'll use for many years!

  Barabbas, The Acquitted

Easter i-Monologue by

3 pages

By Roy Wiegand.

Barabas is in a dungeon waiting to be taken off any moment to die on the cross. But not with Jesus, for Jesus was crucified many years ago. Since then Barabas has come to know Him through the teachings of His disciples and now realizes that He died that day that others might be saved. Now, Barabas says, the burden is a much lighter one, for "I now know your Master not only died for you, but for me also. And now I go to my death as Barabbas, The Acquitted."

  Beatitudes, The

Skit by

50 pages

Join Jack Foley, an ordinary guy, with his wife, Kate, and son, Brian, on a gripping spiritual journey as they encounter the true significa

Join Jack Foley, an ordinary guy, with his wife, Kate, and son, Brian, on a gripping spiritual journey as they encounter the true significance of the "Beatitudes" in an extraordinary way. From being skeptical seekers to becoming fervent followers of God, the call of Christ beckoned them - and summons us. Each skit (between 2 to 5 actors) passes through their lives and deals with a separate Beatitude. Each skit runs 10 to 20 minutes.

  By The Book

Skit by

29 pages

Cast: 3 to 6 flexible.

This collection of five Bible-based skits will enhance teen drama ministries throughout the year. Christmas is the perfect time to have "A Chance at a Wonderful Life." But we quickly learn that without Christ our chance for heaven is zero. Or maybe you need a positive "Change of Heart" like Paul did. Do you ever feel like you are on a "Roller Coaster" when you realize how the small decisions you make today will determine your destiny? Learning to work together is quite evident in "Body Parts." Finally, in "The Big Candy Bar" shallow commitments are revealed. This great resource book ...

  Caiaphas: The Punishment

Easter i-Monologue by

3 pages

By Roy Wiegand.

Caiaphas, the regal high priest of the temple, is ready to have this madman named Jesus arrested. He has just made a deal with a grimy little man claiming to be a disciple who, for 30 pieces of silver, will identify Jesus with a kiss. Caiaphas plans for the arrest to take place before dawn in adherence with the law which forbids the taking of prisoners during the daylight hours of Passover. Caiaphas says, "He must be found, he must be arrested, he must be sentenced, and he must be put to death."

  Caiaphas: What Jesus Deserves

Easter i-Monologue by

3 pages

It's What Jesus Deserves ... Isn't It?

Jesus has been constant trouble and Caiaphas, the high priest, is glad he helped sentence Him to death. But still, Caiaphas wonders ... where did the son of a carpenter get such knowledge and wisdom? And how could He always display such love? Could it be that He really is ... ? Caiaphas rejects the very thought. Otherwise it would mean he murdered the Son of God!

  Christian Director Notebook

Drama Resource by

0 pages

38 pages

We asked authors, composers, and directors like you to list everything required to produce a hassle-free play. The result was page after page of tips from people with backgrounds in school, church, and community theatre. Checklists and schedules keep you on track as you countdown to the performance. We produce the Director's Notebook in its own 3-ring binder with pockets since every expert stressed the need to keep track of all the receipts, schedules, phone numbers, and details. Plus we have added a handout, "Welcome to the World of Drama," to be used by everyone taking part. It provi...

  Christian Orchestra

Sketch by Arnold Johnston

46 pages

Flexible cast and performance time

The Christian Orchestra contains sixteen sketches which dramatically expose the key principles of correlated Scripture passages. The sanctity of life, sectarianism, prayer, the Holy Spirit, parenting and growth in grace are among the topics featured in the sketches.

  Commandments Today

Drama Resource by

22 pages

Script: 22 pages.

A series of ten playlets, each three to five minutes long, dealing with an application of one of the Ten Commandments in modern life. Although written for performance in a church sanctuary, they are equally effective on a conventional stage.

  Confessions-Teenage Christian

Skit by

31 pages

Script: 31 pages.

Here's a collection of seven "confessions" that are guaranteed to add excitement to youth meetings and give your teens some reinforcement about their chosen way of life. Among the topics covered are the first day of high school, running for school office, and dating. Each skit runs 5 to 10 minutes and involves just a few characters. Perform them with minimal rehearsals, or just let the kids read their parts for some impromptu role playing. They're fun, realistic, and most importantly, can be a catalyst for discussions on Christian morals.

  Discovery Channel Mom

i-Monologue Mother's Day by

4 pages

1 w

She calls herself the Discovery Channel Mom, on a mission to get through the sometimes dangerous caverns of her twelve-year-old daughter's room. As tough as it is to navigate through her daughter's mess, it's just as tough to navigate through these turbulent years. Yet, she can sometimes get a glimpse at the adult her daughter will soon become.

  Easy Reader's Theatre

Drama Resource by

0 pages

Script: 52 pages.

Reader's theatre is a time-honored approach to presenting Christian drama and this book has it all. The author explains how to cast, stage, rehearse, and effectively present the four reader's theatre programs he adapted from the Bible. Titles include a Christmas story, "The Coming of the Messiah," with 6 readers and an Easter story, "The Passion Play," with 9 readers. Two others can be used anytime: "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego," with 9 readers and "The Story of Ruth," with 7 readers.

  Evangeline, Reluctant Angel

Christmas i-Monologue by

4 pages

By Judith Clough

The Angels in Heaven are excited that Evangeline has been chosen to announce the great joy of Baby Jesus' birth. Evangeline is doubtful the world will care or that the shepherds will even understand. The Angels respond that the shepherds will love Him in their own humble way, and will know why He is to be born in a manger.