I have browsed online for Christmas plays, Easter plays, and musicals, but how can I get a catalog or sign up to receive your email newsletter?

Eldridge’s catalogs are sent to high schools, middle schools, theatres and individual customers twice a year, free of charge. If youwould like to browse our catalog instantly, please select "download the catalog" to the left. This will allow you to print any part of our latest catalog. If you wishto receive a copy by mail, just click here. However, since new titles and products are added monthly, be sure to check our website often and sign up to receive our emailnewsletter by clicking here.

How can I find the Eldridge play I want?

It is easy to select an Eldridge play by first checking our category options above.

How do I find a specific playwright, title or theme?

Use our convenient keyword option to find a favorite playwright or search by title or theme.Keep your search simple. For example: "In My Father's House" - search for "house."

You offer so many plays - how do I know which one to choose ?

We find customers make initial choices based on the playwright, theme or message of the play, number of characters, length, or even setting(Biblical or modern day). A great way to besure if the play you select is the right one for you is by reading the play’s Freeview or ordering a reading copy.

How do I know how long a show will run ?

Shows vary in length and times are often included in the description. When not specified, here’s our rule of thumb:

Full - length plays - 1 ½ to 2 hours.
Musicals - 1 ½ to 2 hours.
One - act plays - 20 to 40 minutes.
Youth theatre plays -45 minutes to 1 hour.

What are Freeviews?

Freeviews are opening pages of script which you can access quickly and read for free.They can be found under individual title descriptions.You can see cast lists, props, settings and other production notes as well as read opening pages of dialogue.For many musicals you can even hear a narrated demo of the songs.Freeviews are a convenient and cost - saving way to consider any number of titles.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to load Freeviews.

I have read the Freeview but I am still not sure if this is the script for me.How can I decide before ordering a cast set and performance royalties ?

Once you've narrowed your selection of titles, we recommend you purchase a single script to read in its entirety. You may buy as many different titles as you like. (This option may not be available for all titles.) Remember, these reading copies are for decision making only. No performance rights are included. All sales are final.

To order a reading copy online, enter one script(1) with zero(0) performances and then "Add to Order." Repeat this process for as many different titles as you need.When you are finished selecting your plays, click "Finalize Order."

How many scripts should I order for my cast and crew ?

The number of scripts necessary varies per title.A general is to order one script for each speaking role and additional scripts for members of your crew.Remember, all Eldridge plays and musicals are protected by federal copyright and it is against the law to copy or reproduce them in any way.

To order online, enter the number of scripts you need, the number of performances you are planning and the performance beginning date. If you are unsure of the exact dates, please give us your best educated guess.We understand performance dates may change and we can make adjustments as needed.

If you need assistance please call us at 850-385-2463 (Monday-Friday 8-5, EST).

What is a performance?

It is considered a performance if individual parts are assigned or memorized or if anyone outside the normal cast and crew is watching the actors.This includes dress rehearsals, competitions, fund-raisers, etc.It does not matter whether or not admission is charged.

What is a royalty?

A royalty is payment to the playwright or composer for the performance of his work.Please specify the number of performances planned when ordering your scripts.Royalty fees are due, even if there is no charge for admission.Goodwill offerings usually more than help meet this payment.If additional performances are planned later, just e-mail us atinfo@95church.com to arrange payment.

What is a PrintMaster or SkitMaster?

A cost-effective PrintMaster or SkitMaster (8 ½ by 11") allows you to reproduce the script for your cast and crew. They are available two ways: shipped as a normal order or, for further savings, accessed through our special Download Delivery System.

What is a Performance Package?

Our convenient Performance Package provides the necessary number of digest-sized printed scripts, ready to hand out to your cast.The number varies according to the cast size but includes a script for each named character as well as one for the director.

Can you bill me or my church?

We are sorry, we cannot bill.Please send a check with your mail order or, for your convenience, we accept four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). All orders are subject to credit approval. For customers who prefer to mail or fax orders, please use the order form.

How will my order be shipped?

All script orders are processed and shipped the next business day. For standard delivery allow 4-8 business days and for rush delivery 2-3 business days. Delivery times are estimated by the carriers and not guaranteed by us. Weather and equipment issues may delay service to some areas. Don’t forget most scripts are available for instant download!

What does it mean to download a script?

I received a link for only part of my order.

Remember, only select titles are available for download delivery.

I have not received my link to download.

Your secure link is sent to the email address on your account within moments of completing the order. If you do not receive it quickly, please check the "junk" folder in your email account.Some email providers may redirect the link there. You can add us to your "safe sender" list to avoid this on future orders.

If you cannot locate our confirmation and link to your order, please contact us immediately at info@95church.com so we may check your email address on file for errors.Don’t forget to include your order number or mailing address, for a faster response.

Can I choose download delivery for just part of my order?

Absolutely! For instance, you can order your scripts for download and receive scores, CDs, advertising posters and T-shirts via traditional shipping methods.Shipping fees are automatically adjusted to reflect downloads. Please remember, if you wish any part of your order to be downloaded, the entire order must be charged to a credit card, including royalties. If you wish part of your order to be billed, please place a separate order.

I have changed my mind and wish to receive my order through Download Delivery.

Because the system is automated, we are unable to change an order after it is finalized.If you are unsure which method of delivery you would prefer, please email us at info@95church.com with any questions you may have.

Even though I have selected download delivery at checkout I now wish to have my order mailed.Can you mail my scripts to me?

The download delivery system is automatic and all orders are final.

Will you reactivate the link to my scripts?

Once an order is fulfilled we cannot make changes or send the order again.

After placing my order on the website, my shopping cart is empty.

Your internet browser must be set to accept "cookies" when placing an order from our secure website. Please close your browser and change your computer settings to place the order again. Once your order is complete, you may wish to change the system back to your original settings. Please note that all Eldridge order screens are secured and we never sell, share, or give any of your information to other parties.

What is your return and exchange policy?

As a publisher of intellectual property, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. All orders are final. Please make all selections carefully and take advantage of Freeviews and reading scripts.If you require more assistance, our trained staff is happy to help.We can be reached easily by email (info@95church.com) or by phone 850 385 2463 (Monday-Friday 8-5, EST).

Can I copy your scripts, scores, Cd’s or artwork?

Please don’t! Illegal copying of our work hurts everyone.Theft only raises prices for fellow Christians.As an independent publisher, we depend upon your values to purchase and use our materials honestly.

(View federal copyright laws at http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap5.html.)

May I modify the play?

If you find you need to make minor alterations in the script to meet your casting or staging limitations, just contact us.Changes are often allowable but must be approved by our editors.For a prompt response, e-mail them directly at editorial@histage.com.

Can we videotape our performance?

You may videotape a production for complimentary keepsakes or archival purposes.If you plan to sell the videos, a reasonable royalty is due.Please contact us at info@95church.com for specifics.

Do you sell to international customers?

Although we do not ship outside the US, we welcome orders from around the world.International customers can place orders online and our convenient fulfillment system allows for instant download of scripts and performance rights.This option is not available for musicals because scores are such large files and most musicals have a CD which must be shipped.

How can I get an invoice copy?

Invoice copies are included in your package, however if you need an additional copy please click here.

How can I submit my play?

We are always on the lookout for promising playwrights and welcome submissions.Please take a moment to review our submission guidelines.

How can I help Spread the Word through drama?

Whether your church is large or small, share your cast’s dedication and success with others. Email your testimonials to us at (info@95church.com) and we may include them on our website or in our catalog.