Melchoir's Journey

Book By: Susan A J Lyttek
Play #: 1439
Pages: 44 pgs
Cast: 12 m, 4 w.

When Matthew, the future evangelist, visits Melchior to tell him about the life and death of Jesus, he is surprised that the old Wise Man knows about the Messiah already. Melchior tells Matthew about when he was young and troubled, he and his fellow Magi, Caspar and Balthazar, followed the star to an uncertain destination. Braving deserts, snakes, storms, and treacherous rivers, they struggled with more than the elements. Beset by grave self-doubt, Melchoir nearly gave up along the way. In the process, his travels became an inward journey of discovery as well as a revelation of God's miracles. At the end, the older Melchior shares a parting gift with Matthew that will have profound consequences for the future. A beautiful, deeply moving play. A winner at Capital Christian Writers' competition. Performance time: 60 minutes.

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