Christmas Vacation

Book By: David Dunlap
Play #: 1224
Pages: 29 pgs
Cast: 9 flexible parts, approx. 3 m, 5 w, 1 child.

Linda is worried because her recently widowed mother, Susan, is adamant about staying in her Florida condominium rather than coming up north to celebrate the holiday. Linda decides she and her husband and children better see what's wrong, even if it means they won't be celebrating Christmas the "right way" with all the familiar traditions. And non-traditional it is! Instead of warm fires and sled rides the kids are sunbathing and riding jet skis. But when Linda objects because her mother may miss Christmas Eve services, she finds the real and generous reason why her mother wanted to spend Christmas in Florida. A sunshine filled play that still carries a strong message. One exterior patio setting.

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ALTUS, OK 10/8/2007

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