Adult Christmas

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  Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

Adult Christmas by Rollie Anderson

54 pages

6 m, 8 w, 4 children, extras. Doubling possible.

Here’s a wonderful comedy that’s sure to charm audiences of all ages. When pre-teen brats Jimmy Pate and his cousin Brianne don’t get the gifts they think they deserve, they pray to God and ask for no more Christmas. The next year as the holiday fails to materialize, the two kids are the only ones who notice, in hilarious and heart-wrenching ways, that it’s missing. The store owner doesn’t have a clue about Christmas displays, the cable company operator never heard of Christmas movies, and even Jimmy’s older sister thinks the only holiday in December is New Y...

  Christmas at the Parsonage

Adult Christmas by Nancy Harper

38 pages

4 m, 7 w, 2 boys, 2 girls.

If you think your Christmas is hectic, look in on the Taylors at the parsonage! The four Taylor children are unhappy about being in more pageants, stranded travelers need help, a troubled high school couple wants advice about getting married, and on top of it all, a beautiful baby is left at the parsonage door. As the mayhem mounts, Rev. and Mrs. Taylor try to find the young mother who so desperately needs God's help. A delightful and inspiring story with a family you won't want to leave when the curtain closes. Performance time: 60 minutes.

  The Christmas Carol - A Special Request

Christmas by Shana Oshira

28 pages

Large, flexible cast for adults and children

It’s Christmas Eve and Jim and Nancy Marley, with their three kids, Tom, Belle, and Tony, have just returned from buying more presents at the mall. They agree that they’re too tired to go to church, so after a quick prayer, they head off to bed. But when young Tony makes a special request, Gabriel, the Angel of Christmas Past, appears. He starts the family on a special journey which is soon led by Mike, the Angel of Christmas Present, and then Archie, the Angel of Christmas Future. Needless to say, the family’s journey to Bethlehem that wonderful night change...

  Christmas Is Calling Me Home

Adult Christmas by Ronald and Pamela Moss

24 pages

Large, flexible cast, approx. 11 m, 9 w, and any number of children.

This is one Christmas Eve you'll want to spend out of town - with the friendly folks of Nazareth, Texas. Modern day scenes with the flavor and poignancy of "Steel Magnolias" bring the Christmas story to life. From the Chic 'N Sassy beauty shop where Rhonda Gae learns she is pregnant, to the Starlight Motel where Leona helps a poor young couple find refuge, to a lonely farmhouse where the lost Jubilee Trio singers deliver gifts to an infant, you'll see the Christmas story unfold in a very special way. Warm, neighborly characters, a Christmas Spirit who serves ...

  Bethlehem Inn

Adult Christmas Musical by Johana Garrison

0 pages

7 m, 2 w, 8 flex, extras.

Although only a few pages long, this script provides the basis for a memorable celebration as members of your congregation experience the real Christmas. They dress in Biblical attire to partake of a Biblical meal and see the story of the manger unfold. As "guests" eating at the crowded inn (menu suggestions included), they see Mary and Joseph turned away. Later they see and hear the shepherds and wise men as they learn of the glorious birth that occurred. Two beautiful, original songs, one for Mary and one for Joseph, as well as other traditional songs highl...

  Holly's Christmas Runaway

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

39 pages

5 m, 4 w, 2 teen b, 3 teen g, 1 g, extras.

Another Christmas Eve at Holly Day's Inn! New customers including two young runaways, one on drugs, as well as old customers including the parents who almost split up last year, are back at the inn. Holly Day's Inn is not a fancy place but as the characters find out, a place filled with love and hope. Performance time: About 70 minutes.

  W-O-R-D Radio, Christmas on the Homefront

Adult Christmas by Dave Tippett

64 pages

Lead roles for 7 m, 7 w, 1 boy and 2 girls.

It's December, 1944. W-O-R-D Radio station manager Arthur Kensington hopes a special show will raise the ratings and advertising dollars, but his staff is in disarray. There's a dyslexic sound man, a poetry/drama queen, and a pompous crew of actors, including one who has written a new radio play retelling the Nativity as a hard-boiled detective story. On top of that, everyone's hopes are dashed when an anticipated visit from the famous singing Andrews Sisters turns out to be the not-so-famous Epstein Cousins. Oh, and did we mention the orphans, the rival radi...

  A Way ... in a Manger

Comedy by Tracy Wells

24 pages

4 m, 6 w, 5 flexible, 2 youngsters, small children’s choir, and extra adults

The Thompsons like to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus by displaying a nativity scene on their front lawn, much to the dismay of their homeowners’ association president, Mrs. Matthews. Citing "rule 763" she wants the display taken down – immediately! Mrs. Matthews gets her wish when she discovers that the Thompsons’ nativity figures have been stolen by local troublemakers. As Mrs. Thompson's oldest son Joey sets out to find the figures, he meets Maria, a troubled young girl who has wandered onto his yard looking for shelter. With the help of three w...

  Airport: A Christmas Story

Drama by Cheralynn Wilson

33 pages

4 m, 3 w, 1 flexible, 3 kids

Set in a crowded, snowed-in airport waiting area on Christmas Eve, different types of stranded passengers present their views on Christmas. There's the Cynic (who serves as our Everyman), the efficient Travel Agent, and a bumbling paramedic and a super-efficient Nurse. There is also the Davis family, whose new baby makes its appearance, and two ambassadors, one Arab and one Israeli. The miracle that occurs that night changes them all. Members of your choir can serve as additional travelers while also performing carols.

  And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

Christmas Play by Nancy Harper

29 pages

3 m, 3 w, 1 teen girl, 1 boy, 1 girl, and pageant cast of 14

Michael is too busy and unconcerned to have any time for God. His twins, Chris and Camille, realize his need for God and are trying to persuade their father to go to the church Christmas program with them, but Michael has flatly refused to go. However, God is at work in Michael's life although he does not realize it. With the help of Uncle Matt, a faulty furnace, and his wife, Kathryn, the program is brought to him. Finally, Michael understands his own need for God. Performance time: About 50 minutes.

  Angel in the Park

Adult Christmas by Maxine Minson

16 pages

7 m, 10 w, extras.

Each Christmas season an eccentric philanthropist disguises himself to bestow a reward on some worthy recipient for outstanding moral characteristics. This year, disguised as a beggar in the city park, he encounters some colorful characters such as Disco Danny and his Dancing Dolls, who are much too intent on their careers two society ladies who deceive themselves that they are contributors to charity a thief with a smooth tongue and a coat lined with stolen watches the Sweet Singers of Charity and finally Harriet, who gives of herself completely to the orpha...

  Another Christmas Eve

Adult Christmas by James Rhodes

24 pages

5 m, 5 w, carolers.

Everyone who loved James Rhodes' original play, "One Christmas Eve," will delight in this sequel. This time we find the wealthy Collins', Bob, June, and their teenage son and daughter, Ken and Markie, now a secure, Christian family, waiting for their Aunt Rachel to arrive for a Christmas visit. A somewhat flighty lady, and certainly not the best driver in the world, she is long overdue. Worried that something has happened to her, the family prays for her safe arrival. The scene then switches to Rachel, stranded and alone, but soon helped by an unusually kind ...

  Gift of the Shepherds

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

37 pages

4 m, 3 w, 4 flexible parts.

Dylan and Tyler Shepherd, brothers whose arguing finally stopped when they were brought together one Christmas (see "The Shepherds Who Gather"), are back in this sequel. It's five years later and now they are working together on a Christian TV show. Unfortunately, the station has a new owner, Tabitha Rafferty, to whom ratings are more important than people or their priorities. She has little sympathy for Dylan whose wife has recently died, leaving him to raise their young son alone. But Christmas is a time of giving. Some unusual "gifts" given by some unlikel...

  Glad Angels are Singing

Adult Christmas by Ray Bergman

20 pages

2-3 adults, 7 children

It’s Christmas Eve in the 1770s, and a father is depressed he cannot afford to buy his eight motherless children any gifts. Suddenly he thinks of a present that won’t break or wear out, one they can all enjoy together. He sings a beautiful round about the Savior’s birth and the children quickly join in. An old sea captain living upstairs offers them money for peace and quiet. But without singing, the family’s mood becomes somber once again. Father tells the oldest child to return the moneythe family is going to sing! Ultimately, the old captain still gives th...

  Glory Excelsis

Adult Christmas by Rhonda Marie

27 pages

3 m, 2 w, 1 girl, carolers if desired.

The family is trying to ready the barn for the annual nativity scene, but no one feels much like celebrating since Brenda has just suffered a miscarriage. Eleven-year-old Anna Bell is taking it the hardest, especially since her favorite cat, Glory Excelsis, has been missing for days, too. But Sarah, a wise mother, comforts the family when she makes them realize that God must have known sadness when He sent His only Son to earth. That's why Christmas should be celebrated, to thank Him for His great gift. A warm and wonderful story with optional nativity ending...