Adult Christmas

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  Coal Miners' Christmas

Adult Christmas by Daniel S Kehde

62 pages

4 m, 3 w, 2 girls, extras.

It's almost Christmas in a poor coal mining town in the early 1900s. When a foundling baby girl appears on the doorstep of the company store, Annie, the possessive wife of the proprietor, takes a shine to her. But Arly, who works at the store and makes Christmas presents for all the kids in town, learns that the real mother is Francine. She has kept her pregnancy secret from everyone, even her mean-spirited husband. She loves the baby, but is too poor to raise her and an older daughter. A cave-in at the mine sows tragedy and complicates matters further. Franc...

  Cricket on the Hearth

Drama by Craig Sodaro

59 pages

14 m, 13 w, much doubling possible

It's the 1880s and Dot Dallrimple and her friend May Fielding are Christmas shopping. A miserly store owner, Mr. Tackleton, has eyes for May and has her fiance Edward kidnapped and sent off to sea, never to return to England. Ten years pass with no word from Edward. Poor May has remained single, even though Tackleton has continued to court her. Meanwhile, Dot has married John Peerybingle and his delivery business has prospered. Two days before Christmas he brings home a ragged, mute stranger. In one awkward moment, John see his wife throw her arms around the ...

  Celebrating Jesus

Adult Christmas by Debbie Entsminger

18 pages

flexible cast

Tis' the season to be...busy! Here's a collection of five skits, ranging in length from five to seven minutes, that challenge Christians to take time throughout the Christmas holiday season to celebrate Jesus. These skits highlight the truth that even when circumstances are less than ideal, Christians always have something to celebrate. The skits can be performed independently or as a weekly series leading up to Christmas. With contemporary settings, they're easy to stage and produce.

  Christmas Apart

Adult Christmas by Gregory Banks

19 pages

2 m, 2 w, 1 teen g, 3 b, 2 g, extras.

How do you explain to three kids that from now on, every Christmas might be a Christmas apart? Ever since Lee Ann and the children started going to church, husband Jake has felt alone and unhappy, so he's moved out. It's arranged that he'll visit with the children early on Christmas Eve, then drop them at the church for the pageant they're in. Maybe he'll even stay for it. God once sent an angel to Joseph to explain the importance of creating a family. This time another "angel" brings that message to Jake. A sensitive, deeply religious play which deals with t...

  Shepherds Who Gather

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

33 pages

5 m, 6 w, 1 child.

The Shepherds are a family in name only. Tyler, a minister who's lost sight of his calling, and Dylan, a cynical news reporter who rejects all religion, are brothers who cannot get along even when their parents and wives try to get them to work out their differences. Needless to say, fireworks are set when Dylan is assigned to cover the Christmas cantata at Tyler's church where a well-known (but self-centered) gospel singer is going to appear. When every detail has to be perfect, everything that can go wrong does. But thanks to the help of a stranger named Ma...

  Shine Bright the Stars

Adult Christmas by Miriam Schuman

36 pages

7 m, 5 w, 9 flexible.

A group of young people from church have won the honor of decorating the grounds in front of city hall for Christmas, but when they put up the manger scene, an atheist businessman objects. Meanwhile, a younger sister of one of the group wages a persistent attack on the walls of anger that a grumpy neighbor has erected. The kids fight a losing battle for the right to keep the religious decorations and finally decide they themselves will be a living nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Forced to stop by city officials, they are invited to create the manger scene on...

  Rich Man's Christmas

Adult Christmas by Renee Vinson

25 pages

4 m, 3 w.

It's Christmas Eve and successful businessman Thomas Benson is having the worst day of his life. His wife announces she is leaving with their pregnant teenage daughter to live with relatives where they will be away from his condemnation, and his accountant has news from the IRS that may make Thomas' business go belly-up. How could life get any worse? Utterly depressed and defeated, he passes out that night at the office. Then two born-again ex-con janitors in Santa hats appear on the scene. Can the lovable duo change Thomas's Christmas? With their help, he ex...

  Strangers at the Inn

Adult Christmas by James Rhodes

17 pages

5 m, 4 w, 2 flex, doubling possible.

Strangers meet at an inn in Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus. They all had things they wished to give Him but one by one, they gave their gifts to needy people. Finally, as a group, they decide to go to the stable and seek out the baby with the one thing they have left to give - their love. A symbolic story which shows that we are all strangers, in a way, until we meet through the person of Jesus Christ. An optional nativitiy scene creates a beautiful ending. Performance time: 25 minutes.

  Upon This Night

Adult Christmas by Terri Dill

32 pages

Large flexible cast. Minimum with doubling: 8 m, 4 w, 8 children, 8 angels, extras.

Three storylines intertwine beautifully to tell the Christmas story. It’s 1917 in the small town of Bridger Falls where a widower and his five children get ready to celebrate Christmas in their comfortable home. Watching them from outside a window is a lonely little boy, Jacob, who’s trying to help support his mother while his father, Will, fights the war. The second setting is a bunker overseas where Will witnesses to two other soldiers fighting in World War I. As if sending us back in time, a third setting takes us back to Bethlehem where we relive the Chri...

  Victorian Christmas

Adult Christmas by Bruce and Susie Kunkle, Ruth Nagy

74 pages

5 m, 6 w, 6 boys, 4 girls, extras

It's the 1800s and Emily Ainsley, an idealistic young lady, is trying to provide a home to young orphans. She rents space from a greedy businessman, Aloysius Penningham, but gets behind in the payments. He proposes marriage to her (so that he can manage her inheritance which she receives after marrying) or threatens eviction if she refuses. While other well-meaning folk attempt to help Emily, Penningham is visited by Harrold, an angel in the guise of a gentleman. A ragtag band of pickpockets creates havoc and humor as Penningham must confront the consequences...

  Night Ben Filbert Was Touched by an Angel

Adult Christmas by Gregory Giordano

18 pages

9 m, 2 w, 3 flexible (some doubling possible).

In this hilarious comedy Ben Filbert is a successful businessman who has all that money can buy, except one thing: a new heart. This Christmas Eve the modern-day Scrooge revels in belittling his employees and brusquely refuses an employee's invitation to attend a church service. Ben's guardian angel, who has found him to be a tough charge over the years, allows him to be mugged. After escaping from his robbers, Ben finds himself in a strange neighborhood, without any money, and he seeks refuge in the very church he refused to visit earlier. After being welcom...

  Merry Chrismukkah!

Adult Christmas by Susie M. Finkbeiner

56 pages

6 m, 5 w, 1 extra, 1 boy, 1 girl

Grandpa, along with Luke, Ellen, and their two teens, fly to Texas to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family. Grandpa's other son is a real down-home cowboy, and, unbeknownst to everyone else, has recently gotten married. His new wife, a former New Yorker and Jewish, is a recent convert to Christianity. She very likeable, but the family can't understand half the words she's saying! Even more puzzling is her teenage son, who misses the big city, resists speaking to anyone, and is on a "religious break." Family confusion rises to new heights when Grand...

  Old Shoemaker's Christmas

Adult Christmas by Chris Danyluk

35 pages

Large, flexible cast.

From the original story by Leo Tolstoy. Christmas Eve has come, but the old Russian shoemaker, Papa Panovich, is sad and alone. When he begins to read the story of the very first Christmas, the treasured words take on new life as he imagines and interacts with the words of Scripture. Then Papa Panovich believes he hears Jesus speaking to him, telling him that He will visit him tomorrow. All the next day while looking longingly for Jesus, Papa Panovich stops to help so many - providing a warm drink for Ivan, the old street sweeper; encouraging a struggling wid...

  Rented Christmas Family

Adult Christmas by Sherry Roseberry

16 pages

2 m, 8 w (doubling possible) 1 b, 1 g, and carolers

This turn-of-the-century Christmas is going to be a white one for bachelor Robert Kelley: white because his white lie has caught up with him! His boss, who only hires family men, wants to meet Robert's wife and kids. Robert decides to rent a family but has to disqualify several zany applicants. He is desperate until he spies sweet Mary O'Riley selling fruit. This one-act play is lighthearted, easy-to-stage and includes suggestions for favorite carols as well as one new song. 

  Christmas Roses

Adult Christmas by Carol L. Duff

36 pages

7 m, 6 w, 2 girls.

Chuck Overton is finally home for Christmas, but his welcome is far from reminiscent of the prodigal son. Because of Chuck's involvement in a robbery years earlier, his father, Aubrey, has shut him out and refuses even to talk to him. Seemingly nothing can pierce Aubrey's hardened heart until Chuck's young daughter, delivering letters from the past, intervenes. Her middle name is Rose, after her late-grandmother. When Aubrey thinks how his late wife Rose would have handled Chuck, he finally realizes the importance of forgiveness and its relationship to Christ...