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  Never Wear A Dirty T-Shirt

Skit by

16 pages

2 m, 2 w, 2 flexible parts.

In today's visually-oriented society, what better way to get the Christian lifestyle across than to show your teens how dirty sin can be! In this unique half-hour skit, the Demon literally smears dirt on the kids' T-shirts when they are hurtful to others, watch questionable movies, skip church, etc. The Spirit is standing by, however, offering a better way to live and handing out clean T-shirts when the kids "clean up their act." A unique and fun way to get some important messages across. Perfect for touring to other churches or for youth rallies.

  Noah's Wife Looks Back

i-Monologue Mother's Day by

4 pages

1 w

As she rocks a new grandchild in her arms, Noah's wife reflects on her earlier doubts and confusion about the need for the ark that her faithful husband built and loaded with animals. Now that they have been saved from the floods, she knows her husband was right, and a rainbow reaffirms God's plans have been fulfilled.

  One Wise Man's Journey

Christmas i-Monologue by

2 pages

By Robert Blaskey

A Wise Man has seemingly always been on a journey, searching for a goal that would give his life deeper meaning. He finds the star and follows it where, in a lowly stable, he finds the Babe . more than a child, a king. The Wise Man's journey is now at an end, for once you find God, all your searching is over.

  Peter: Even Denial Can Be ...

Easter i-Monologue by

2 pages

By Robert Blaskey.

Peter-his name means "rock," yet when Jesus needed him most, he let Him down. He denied Him, eventually three times. Peter yearns for forgiveness. But wait-that look in Jesus' eyes. It's not condemnation. It's pity, yes, but moreover, it's love. Peter realizes Jesus will always forgive us.

  Peter: Three Denials

Easter i-Monologue by

3 pages

By Roy Wiegand.

The disciple Peter describes how he failed Jesus the last night, how he fell asleep when Jesus asked him to stay awake and ultimately, denied knowing Jesus three separate times. Peter says, "As I passed through that gate ... a cock crowed. It was at that instant that I realized how badly I had failed Him." Would Jesus forgive him and still have faith in him? Can Peter find peace?

  Pilate: Forced To Decide

Easter i-Monologue by

2 pages

by Robert Blaskey.

Pilate is being forced to decide the fate of this man called Jesus. Pilate can find no legal basis to sentence Him to death, and even Pilate's wife urges him to let this "just man" go. Yet, Jesus won't defend himself, and the high priest Caiaphas insists Pilate sentence Jesus to death, or Caiaphas will report Pilate to Rome. It's all political, but there's so much at stake.


Skit by

26 pages

7 sketches for casts of 2 - 7, male or female.

Parables come to modern life with a special blend of illumination and humor. Meet some strange and wonderful characters like Tim and his obnoxious tongue, Lick, whom he leads around on a leash; two blind men who lead each other and the spiritually blind into a pit; and Fred who wants to join the world's greatest party - if he could only get past the bouncer. Others include Stephen and Jerry who meet in judgment hall and find they have different destinies; a talking book called H.B. that can't seem to get anyone to listen to him; and a farmer with three soils who could care less about growi...