Up, Up And Compete

Play #: 1426
Cast: Flexible cast
Had trouble finding competition pieces for your teens? Whether for Christian school fine arts competition or state-wide church competition, this award-winning collection is for you! Included are eight monologues and seven speeches. The monologues are nicely divided among male, female, or non-gender specific actors. Titles include "Malchus," "Where Are Thy Accusers," "Peter," "A Good Samaritan," "Simeon," "Vashti," "A Stranger in a Stranger Land," and the poetic "Loving Hands." The speeches, none of which are gender specific, include such titles as "The Lie," "Fishing," "The Sins of the Pharisees," "Poverty," "Looking Through the Eyes of Jesus," "Tiger," and "Is Ignorance a Sin?" Your teens will also enjoy using both the monologues and speeches as devotional lead-ins to spice up youth meetings. Each piece, whether poignant or humorous, will make everyone dig deep within to connect with their own Christian responsibility. This entire collection, which includes the author's notes "The Why's and How's of Christian Youth Drama Ministry," will provide hours of resource material and create many more hours for discussion with your actors and audience.
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