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  A Manger Mix-Up

Adult Christmas by Stuart Macmillan

19 pages

4 m, 2 w, 1-2 flexible

A reader’s theatre play. Howard Sinclair is ready to direct the church’s outdoor manger pageant again, but since the previous one five years ago was a complete disaster, his wife Gladys wants everything to run smoothly. But of course that doesn’t happen! First the rented animals are delivered a week early, but instead of a camel, a goat is sent and it promptly starts eating the neighbor’s bushes. To appease their prickly neighbor, Howard agrees to let him play the part of a shepherd, even though another church member had been promised the role. Then there’s t...

  Up All Night

i-Monologue Mother's Day by

3 pages

1 w

An exhausted new mother, trying to get her baby to sleep, reminds herself that she and the baby are a team, trying to do the best they can together to help her be the happiest, most secure little baby she can be.

  Up, Up And Compete

Skit by

0 pages

Flexible cast

Had trouble finding competition pieces for your teens? Whether for Christian school fine arts competition or state-wide church competition, this award-winning collection is for you! Included are eight monologues and seven speeches. The monologues are nicely divided among male, female, or non-gender specific actors. Titles include "Malchus," "Where Are Thy Accusers," "Peter," "A Good Samaritan," "Simeon," "Vashti," "A Stranger in a Stranger Land," and the poetic "Loving Hands." The speeches, none of which are gender specific, include such titles as "The Lie," "Fishing," "The Sins of the...

  Your Christianity Is Showing!

Skit by

30 pages

Here's a collection of eight hilarious sketches which look at Christianity from a different point of view. The sketches are designed to mak

Here's a collection of eight hilarious sketches which look at Christianity from a different point of view. The sketches are designed to make your audience laugh out loud, and at the same time look inwardly at themselves. Discover what happens when we really "fall into sin"; when men and women have their roles reversed in marriage; or when a gift of a Bible is presented without any strings attached. This collection is funny, entertaining and thought-provoking for all ages and groups. The skits range from 1 to 5 performers.

  Nestled in the Stable

Christmas Youth by David Moberg

23 pages

2 storytellers, any number of children as animals and townspeople

Various animals in the stable aren't happy when two strangers intrude upon their quiet night. The sparrows, cows, and sheep, along with mice and doves are upset and wish the humans would find another place to stay. They don't want to share their grain or warm hay. And after walking for miles, even the poor donkey is too tired to help Joseph and Mary. But then God fulfills his most glorious promise: Baby Jesus is born. Everything changes as each group of animals gives a special gift to comfort the Baby and his parents. At last, as all finally sleep, the tired ...

  The Stable Story

Children Christmas Puppets by Larry Damico

14 pages

2-3 puppet masters, 2-3 voices, 2 narrators, 1 stagehand

How can an angel do an important job when he can’t fly? This heartwarming and delightful story, told by narrators and shown with puppets, takes us back to the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem. Complete with a donkey seller, innkeepers, an innkeeper’s wife, shepherds, and a wise guy, the angel must deliver important messages, often after crashing from the sky! Ultimately the angel and the visitors come to worship the baby, the king, and someday, the Savior of the world. With gentle humor, “The Stable Story” shows us that Christmas is filled with mirac...

  Live Feeding the Flock

Christmas Comedy by Andrew M Frodahl

22 pages

3 m, 6 w


The children of the Bucklesbury Bible Church have done a production of a Christmas nativity play for the last 80 years. It is the hottest ticket in town and a huge outreach for the church. When the “Mistletoe Flu,” a contagious virus, locks down the entire county, the Christmas program is in jeopardy. The committee of all church committees holds an online meeting to decide whether to cancel the program. The pastor states the church must still fulfill its mission of spreading the gospel. The decision is made to live feed the program so everyone can...

  Mommy Monologues, The

Skit by

38 pages

Cast: Women of different ages.

A droopy-eyed mom talks about staying up all night with her newborn. A young mother comes to terms with her son's learning disability. A foster mom decides to be a champion for an abused little girl. These twelve monologues cover all aspects and stages of motherhood from driving in a car with small children, to dealing with teenagers and the empty nest. Both poignant and humorous, these skits can be performed separately or as a whole play at women's retreats, luncheons or anytime. Easy staging and minimal props and costumes make the monologues ideal for sermon starters as well.

  Monologues That Minister

Drama Resource by

67 pages

66 pages

These 20 monologues are intended to minister to the needs of people today in a dramatic context. Built around a Biblical character, incident, or parable, seven of the monologues cover specific holidays while the rest can be used anytime. Each one arouses thoughts and feelings that will either minister to the listener or cause that person to be more sensitive to other people's problems and be Christ's hand extended to them. Effective with sermons or in other settings, too. Use to minister, entertain, and inspire!

  Never Wear A Dirty T-Shirt

Skit by

16 pages

2 m, 2 w, 2 flexible parts.

In today's visually-oriented society, what better way to get the Christian lifestyle across than to show your teens how dirty sin can be! In this unique half-hour skit, the Demon literally smears dirt on the kids' T-shirts when they are hurtful to others, watch questionable movies, skip church, etc. The Spirit is standing by, however, offering a better way to live and handing out clean T-shirts when the kids "clean up their act." A unique and fun way to get some important messages across. Perfect for touring to other churches or for youth rallies.

  Noah's Wife Looks Back

i-Monologue Mother's Day by

4 pages

1 w

As she rocks a new grandchild in her arms, Noah's wife reflects on her earlier doubts and confusion about the need for the ark that her faithful husband built and loaded with animals. Now that they have been saved from the floods, she knows her husband was right, and a rainbow reaffirms God's plans have been fulfilled.

  One Wise Man's Journey

Christmas i-Monologue by

2 pages

By Robert Blaskey

A Wise Man has seemingly always been on a journey, searching for a goal that would give his life deeper meaning. He finds the star and follows it where, in a lowly stable, he finds the Babe . more than a child, a king. The Wise Man's journey is now at an end, for once you find God, all your searching is over.

  Peter: Even Denial Can Be ...

Easter i-Monologue by

2 pages

By Robert Blaskey.

Peter-his name means "rock," yet when Jesus needed him most, he let Him down. He denied Him, eventually three times. Peter yearns for forgiveness. But wait-that look in Jesus' eyes. It's not condemnation. It's pity, yes, but moreover, it's love. Peter realizes Jesus will always forgive us.

  Peter: Three Denials

Easter i-Monologue by

3 pages

By Roy Wiegand.

The disciple Peter describes how he failed Jesus the last night, how he fell asleep when Jesus asked him to stay awake and ultimately, denied knowing Jesus three separate times. Peter says, "As I passed through that gate ... a cock crowed. It was at that instant that I realized how badly I had failed Him." Would Jesus forgive him and still have faith in him? Can Peter find peace?

  Pilate: Forced To Decide

Easter i-Monologue by

2 pages

by Robert Blaskey.

Pilate is being forced to decide the fate of this man called Jesus. Pilate can find no legal basis to sentence Him to death, and even Pilate's wife urges him to let this "just man" go. Yet, Jesus won't defend himself, and the high priest Caiaphas insists Pilate sentence Jesus to death, or Caiaphas will report Pilate to Rome. It's all political, but there's so much at stake.