Adult Christmas

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  Baby in Christmas

Adult Christmas by Bev DeMello

28 pages

3 m, 3 w, 1 teen g, 1 boy, extras

Ordinary people pull us into their lives as they endure the hectic days before Christmas. A mother is expecting, but the baby's father has left her. Little Jacob is being bullied, while Sara is trying to get through her teen years. Sara's parents are stressed over her attitudes and the holidays. Kathy thinks Christmas is about the gifts, while a homeless man has lost everything. These characters may have closed minds and hearts, but finally, and reassuringly, all find Christmas joy. While keeping Baby Jesus as the true reason for the season, we see that figur...

  Snow Angels

Adult Christmas by Kathleen Conner Combass

40 pages

5 m, 9 w, 2 girls

Emory and Eleanor Vanderbilt take pride in hosting their big annual Christmas Eve party for family and friends, but this year's gathering will be a life-changing event. While a snowstorm prevents most of their friends from attending, their daughters are certainly adding "life" to the party with their problems and sibling rivalry. Jocelyn, the oldest, harbors a hidden secret; Samantha's marriage is in danger; Sarah's dream of becoming a missionary is diminishing; and Esther, the youngest, rebels against almost everyone and everything, especially designer cloth...

  A Manger Mix-Up

Adult Christmas by Stuart Macmillan

19 pages

4 m, 2 w, 1-2 flexible

A reader’s theatre play. Howard Sinclair is ready to direct the church’s outdoor manger pageant again, but since the previous one five years ago was a complete disaster, his wife Gladys wants everything to run smoothly. But of course that doesn’t happen! First the rented animals are delivered a week early, but instead of a camel, a goat is sent and it promptly starts eating the neighbor’s bushes. To appease their prickly neighbor, Howard agrees to let him play the part of a shepherd, even though another church member had been promised the role. Then there’s t...

  Merry Christmas No Matter What!

Adult Christmas by Kathleen Conner Combass

56 pages

3 m, 7 w, 5 teenage girls, 2 teenage boys.

Jacob and Marie Carlson have been married for 17 years, and all that time, Jacob's father, Melvin, and Marie's mother, Antoinette, have hated each other. Disastrous holidays have been avoided by alternating their parents' invitations to special occasions. But this Christmas, Antoinette changes her mind and surprises the family by arriving after Melvin has already settled in! Their little jabs at each other soon escalate when Antoinette hides Melvin's false teeth and he retaliates by hiding her wig. The tension and hilarity rise even more when the extra outdoo...

  The Angels' Return

Adult Christmas by Dewey W Todd

51 pages

10 m, 11 w.

A year ago two angels, Angela and Debra, found themselves on a mission to keep a homeless shelter open. They did so with the help from a busload of stranded travelers and a couple of loveable bums. Now, a year later, the angels have returned for a happy reunion party which turns into assignment number two. The shelter owner's son plans to commit his father to an asylum and sell the property for a profit. Aaron is being influenced by a demon who is posing as an attorney. It's an even tougher undertaking for Angela since the demon is one she has yet to defeat i...

  Ebby Neezer Needs Christmas

Adult Christmas by Pat Hines

27 pages

5 m, 8 w, 1 flexible, 1 boy, 1 girl, extras, doubling possible.

Ebby Neezer hates Christmas so much, she leaves her estate every year on the 24th of December and goes to Bermuda. Her staff and great niece, however, love Christmas and have prayed for years for Ebby. It is their hope that one day she will return to God and celebrate Christmas with them. This year their prayers are answered. On the way to the airport, Ebby's limo breaks down and her chauffeur urges her to wait in a nearby diner while he makes repairs. There, a waitress named Marley brings her some coffee, which is only the beginning of an unusual evening. Th...

  The Road to Bethlehem

Adult Christmas by Robert Blaskey

15 pages

8 speakers.

Relive the nativity when each of 7 speakers tells about Jesus' birth from his or her point of view. Thoughts and emotions of that holy night come from Elizabeth, the Innkeeper, Joseph, Herod, a Wise man, a Shepherd, and Mary. Each insightful monologue is followed by a special prayer given by the leader or minister. This drama can be performed almost anywhere with little rehearsal.  Performance time: 15 minutes.

  Give Us Back That Night!

Adult Christmas by Georgia Tuxbury

6 pages

Six readers.

Nativity scene may be composed of statues or actors. In this moving and unusual reading you can show your congregation just how much they value Christmas by taking it away. Three Non-Believers explain away Christmas, eliminating first the shepherds and wise men from the manger scene and finally Joseph, Mary and the Christ Child. When they've eliminated everyone, all that's left is a void, an awful emptiness. The Believers, however, show how that night at the stable did happen. By accepting the miracle, they give us back that night! Easy to produce, yet unforg...

  While Angels Watched

Adult Christmas by Rev. John C. Park

10 pages

4 speaking parts.

Let your congregation sing their way into the Christmas spirit or let your choir shine in this special "Hymn Sing." In a cantata framework, three heavenly angels are in awe as they watch the nativity unfold. At appropriate times in the story, a narrator reads scripture and well-known hymns are sung. Memorized or simply read, here is an easy yet meaningful and joyous celebration, perfect for any sized church.  Performance time: 60 minutes.

  No Trumpets Blowing

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

26 pages

6 m, 6 w, choir.

Three shepherds hear the message of the Christmas angels and each has a loved one he hopes to bring to the Savior. Idealistic Nathan wishes to take a beautiful but selfish singer from the inn aged Lemuel wishes to take his weak son and nagging daughter-in-law and Amos wishes to take his wife, Rachel, who is bitter over the loss of their newborn son. Some go to the manger and some do not. Those who go find love, joy, and peace. Performance time: 60 minutes.

  The Twelve Months of Christmas

Adult Christmas by Scott Icenhower

56 pages

5 m, 5 w, extra children

Ray awakens from a coma to learn that the country is celebrating Christmas every month, (Hanukkah every quarter), in order to stimulate the economy. “A Christmas Carol” is constantly playing at the local community theatre, Christmas lights blaze all night, and there’s enough fruitcake to choke a camel. Ray himself is different and his bitter attitude is affecting his fiancée, Mary. When she expresses her frustration with not being able to stop the multiple Christmases, and more importantly, with Ray’s behavior, he pulls a stunt that lands him in jail. There h...

  An O. Henry Holiday -- Gifts of the Season

Christmas Classic Holiday by Linda Livingston

40 pages

Very fluid cast. Minimum: 7 m, 5 w.

“The Gift of the Magi” is probably one of the most beloved stories for Christmas. It, along with two other tender stories by O. Henry, “The Last Leaf” and the lesser known “Christmas by Injunction,” are dramatized here, set in the framework of O. Henry’s life which in itself is a story. In the early 1900s he was one of the most widely read authors in America. O. Henry, whose real name was William Sydney Porter, was known, however, to have spent some time in jail for allegedly embezzling from an employer, and it is believed that he started writing there in ord...

  Christmas Lottery

Christmas Scenes by Dave Brandl

56 pages

4 m, 3 w 3 girls, doubling possible.

Three related one-acts are woven together with scenes in a radio booth. George and Mary Williams are $14-million lottery winners. They host "Radio Riches," a local broadcast, where they receive calls and letters from people seeking money, and share stories about the people they help. The first one-act, "How Can They Call It a Fixed Income When We're Always Broke?" is about a retired man who hesitates taking a check from the Williamses, much to the wife's chagrin. In "Bus Stop Baptism," the homeless Preachin' Pearl discovers George's motives to help the poor a...

  Wise Men

Drama by Joey Martineck

28 pages

2 m

Something is wrong with Melchior, and it is driving Balthasar insane. Ever since Melchior went to see the baby, he has changed. After a long journey with his fellow magi travelers, Balthasar wants to experience what happened to his friend as he impatiently waits for the third companion to finish meeting the newborn “King.” And what could be more peculiar than the bright star shining above them against the dark night? Finally Melchior explains: “You will walk in with your gift and your prepared speech. Then you will see the babe and everything will change. It ...

  Good Will Two Men

Adult Christmas by Brian Shoop

48 pages

3 m, 2 w, 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 boys or girls, extras possible.

Lifelong friends Will and Glenn have a long history of producing the Christmas pageant together at their church. Following the hiring of a young pastor with new ideas (including a Santa-themed Christmas pageant), Will and Glenn found themselves on opposite sides of the debate, and the rift has cut off all communication between them for two years running. Now Will no longer attends church and calls his friend a backstabber. Glenn’s daughter Roberta is determined to bring the two lost friends back to each other. She takes on directing the children's Christmas p...