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  Meeting at the Manger

Adult Christmas by Dave Tippett

28 pages

Flexible cast of 23 (Approx. 8 m, 9 w, 2 flexible, 4 children, extras)

The church's Christmas play rehearsal is a disaster. The actors haven't had time to learn their lines and they're tripping and falling over each other. During a much needed break, Wendy, a busy lady playing Mary, complains to the new janitor, an old man, that she feels in all the holiday hustle and bustle she has lost God. He urges Wendy to pray. She does, and with a renewed sense of hope and vigor, calls the rest of the cast back on stage. But a mishap occurs and the janitor is knocked down. As he rises, we see the nail-hole scars in the palms of his hands. ...

  A Gift From the Heart

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

36 pages

6 m, 6 w.

Here is a modern story of a "prodigal son" and a "prodigal father" as well. Matt McCord left home at an early age because his wealthy father, Sam, who claimed to be a Christian, was so strict. Now, years later, Matt has come home this Christmas Eve, saved and repentant of his earlier, wasted lifestyle and anxious to make peace with his family. Everyone welcomes him with open arms, but father Sam refuses - at first. But, as the family points out, Sam has been a "prodigal father" wasting the love of God and his family in favor of business concerns. Together the...

  Miracle at Christmas Camp

Adult Christmas by Gregory Banks

33 pages

5 m, 6 w, 2 boys, 4 girls, extras.

Some 10 years earlier a dying little boy taught B.J. Grant, a skeptical teenager, about Christ ("To See Christ at Christmas"). Now a youth minister, B.J. gets a chance to do the same. He arranges a Christmas church camp where Gary, a lonely boy, finds love in the family of Christ, and Mae, the camp director, finds the courage to go on. Ending allows for optional Christmas program of your choice. Very touching. Performance time: 35 minutes.

  Christmas on a High Note

Adult Christmas by David Dunlap

30 pages

2 m, 5 w, 3 children.

Grandma likes to follow tradition at Christmas and that means having the whole family over at her house for presents, turkey, and carols around her organ. So when unexpected visitors become stranded at her home and the organ won't play a note, Grandma thinks the holiday is ruined. But the Christ Child brought the first Christmas to all of us, and on this night, three other young children bring it back to Grandma's. Performance time: 30 minutes.

  Four Christmas Monologues

Adult Christmas by Franklin Kincaid

14 pages

4 speakers

Add something special to your holiday service with one of these beautiful monologues. Titles include "Footprints in the Snow," about a lonely old lady whose Christmas guest left only footprints leading into her home; "Old Otto's Song," about a young boy who receives an old man's gift of song which saves his village; "Silent Night, Heavenly Light," about a new minister who helps a bitter old man find peace; and "Once Upon a Midnight Clear," about a little shepherd boy on the first Christmas Eve.

  In My Father's House

Adult Christmas by E. Flo Collitt

28 pages

6 m, 7 w, 1 g, 10 children, extras, doubling.

Dave Moore is home for the holidays having given up a successful army career for a "new line of work." His progressive parents wonder what fabulous paying job this might be. When David explains he is going to be a minister, they are deflated momentarily. David tells about his change in a dramatic story of life and death, and a new life which ended forever his Christmases without Christ. Performance time: 45 minutes.

  Gift: 7 Pounds, 3 Ounces

Drama by Gary Ray Stapp

82 pages

2 m, 2w, 1 male teen

An emotional, heart-opening journey about love, friendship, family, sacrifice, and what it truly means to give begins with an enormous Christmas tree wrestled into the warmth of a Colorado cabin. The Britton family, Brad and Tina and their son Nick, are eagerly anticipating the joy of a fun-filled holiday vacation spent with their close friends, Kyle and Jan, who arrive bearing gifts of sentiment, sarcasm, and sass. The two couples merrily begin to share their laughter, their affection, and their memories of the good ol’ days, but too soon Jan begins to quest...

  Be Still and Know It's Christmas

Adult Christmas by Eddie McPherson

34 pages

1 m, 3 w, 1 boy, 1 girl, extras.

It's Christmas Eve inside Sizemore's Department Store. Janet, a sales associate, is a new widow trying to cope. The store manager, Mr. Fox, in an attempt to impress his boss, Ms. Sizemore, constantly harasses Janet over small things. Janet's faith is dwindling to nothing until she witnesses a simple nativity reenactment her best friend organizes for the shoppers at the end of the hectic business day. She realizes dealing with life's heartaches becomes a little easier when we slow down long enough to let God's love fill us. A touching story mixed with comic mo...

  Dividing Tree

Adult Christmas by Mark Ogle

65 pages

2 m, 2 w, 1 teen girl, 1 teen boy, 1 girl.

A unique and relevant holiday drama that tells the story of a newly formed, mixed-religion family and the sometimes humorous, sometimes tense conflicts that arise during the Christmas/Hanukkah season. Sam, a Christian, and Michelle, a Jew, agreed when they married that, even though neither was especially religious, they would continue to celebrate the holidays the way their kids were used to. But it may not be that simple. Sam has a 13-year-old daughter, Marie, who is about to be confirmed. Michelle has a 17-year-old son, VJ, who rejects religion in favor of ...

  Anything can Happen on Christmas

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

41 pages

2 m, 4 w, 1 boy, 1 girl.

Erika, an 18-year-old adopted daughter, has developed a rather touchy and secretive attitude during the past few weeks. When she admits that she is working with her teacher, Rachel Duvall, to locate her natural parents, the world explodes for Mom and Dad, young R.B. and Grandma. And when Miss Duvall calls the day before Christmas to tell Erika that she is ready to introduce her to her natural mother, Christmas really falls apart. Through prayer, family love and faith, we learn that nothing can really ruin Christmas for those who have been "adopted" into the f...

  The Advent Wreath

Adult Christmas by Rochelle Pennington

15 pages

4 to 5 readers.

Enhance your Advent services with meaningful weekly worship skits. Each skit, centered around the traditional holiday Advent wreath, addresses one particular aspect of the Christmas story. Four candles represent a theme on the wreath and are discussed in turn each week: The Candle of Prophecy, The Candle of Bethlehem, The Candle of the Angels, and The Candle of the Shepherds. The fifth Candle of Christ, located in the center of the wreath, is lit on either Christmas eve or Christmas day. Speaking parts are minimal, allowing for the presentation of each skit t...


Adult Christmas by Jim Gant and Fred Hottensen

26 pages

4 m, 2 w, 2 m non-speaking.

"If that means I have to charge more, so be it! If that means that the poor have to go hungry, too bad!" Those are the unfeeling words of Jonas, an innkeeper in Bethlehem. His inn is full and business is booming, thanks to Caesar's decree. But Jonas' wife, Abigail, and daughter, Deborah, cannot talk him into being a more compassionate businessman and helping those less fortunate. Jonas argues he should make all the money he can now for their old age since their son, Rueben, who would have helped take care of them, died much too soon. The way Jonas figures it,...

  Christmas Revisited

Christmas Youth by Barbara Gove Gill

14 pages

3 m, 4 w.

A group of modern teenagers discuss how disenchanted they are with Christmas. By a miracle, the television becomes a time machine. Mary appears and tells them what it was like to be a young, frightened girl visited by an angel and finding herself pregnant in an era when that was punishable by death. The kids are amazed to realize that teens were involved in the first Christmas.

  Christmas Roses

Adult Christmas by Carol L. Duff

36 pages

7 m, 6 w, 2 girls.

Chuck Overton is finally home for Christmas, but his welcome is far from reminiscent of the prodigal son. Because of Chuck's involvement in a robbery years earlier, his father, Aubrey, has shut him out and refuses even to talk to him. Seemingly nothing can pierce Aubrey's hardened heart until Chuck's young daughter, delivering letters from the past, intervenes. Her middle name is Rose, after her late-grandmother. When Aubrey thinks how his late wife Rose would have handled Chuck, he finally realizes the importance of forgiveness and its relationship to Christ...

  Christmas Show Spectacular

Christmas Youth by Mindy Starns Clark

19 pages

10 speaking parts, plus a large flexible cast.

Want a wonderful children's Christmas musical, but don't want to invest heavy rehearsal time during the already overloaded Christmas season? Here's your answer! This musical features four main speaking roles which provide the humorous framework for a showcase of familiar Christmas carols to be sung by the children of your church. Come along as Billy tries to find the Christmas spirit and Max works hard at putting together his version of a really big show. Enjoy the "Old Testament Rap," the comical parade of animals heading for Noah's Ark, and Billy's revelati...