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  Decisions of a Carpenter

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

33 pages

3 m, 6 w, 1 boy

It's almost Christmas and it's hectic! Ragan and Sabrina Carpenter, young marrieds, are trying to help Sabrina's mother and sister get Grandma Lois moved into the garage apartment. In addition, Ragan is expecting his brothers to join him, including Ryan, alone due to marital problems, and Reed, a busy college student. On top of that, the pastor's family needs help with their Christmas drama. In the midst of everything, Ragan has an unexpected visit from a social worker. In tow with her is R.J., a young boy whose sole parent, his mother, has just died. He is a...

  A Shower for Baby Jesus

Christmas Youth by Carol Hillebrenner

15 pages

Large, flexible cast.

The season of giving often misplaces the reason for giving, but that's not so in this delightful play. As the children of Bethlehem plan a baby shower for Jesus before he has to leave for Egypt, they learn the story of His birth. Yes, the angels are just a bit impatient and some people don't like one of the wise men's gifts, but everyone is in the party spirit. The play also serves as a mission project as the gifts (diapers, food, clothes, etc.) the children bring on stage can be dedicated to babies born today in less fortunate circumstances. Children from 3 ...

  Behind the News: Report From Bethlehem

Christmas Youth by N. J. Lindquist

32 pages

4 m, 3 w, 1 flexible, extras.

This innovative play follows a news show's attempt to broadcast the Sorrow of Ramah. Studio hosts, Paula and Jack, try to put the pieces together as investigative reporters, Madeline (in Bethlehem) and Frank (in Jerusalem), talk to various citizens. They interview a scribe from the royal palace, one of the killer soldiers, other-worldly Magi, an earnest innkeeper and his wife, two shepherds, a couple from Mary and Joseph's home town of Nazareth, and an old prophetess at the temple in Jerusalem. As the fascinating interviews unfold, a much bigger story is brou...

  Mr. Scrooge and the Spirits of Christmas

Adult Christmas by Susan A J Lyttek

20 pages

Many flexible roles with doubling, 8 players.

In this sequel to Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Marley returns one year after Scrooge has become a more generous and loving man. When Scrooge protests that he keeps Christmas, Marley responds, "Yes, but does Christmas keep you?" Three Spirits, Faith, Hope and Love, appear, to take Scrooge back in time to witness the first Christmas. But Scrooge refuses to see that something is missing in his life. Only when the third Spirit, Love, reveals himself as Jesus does Scrooge understand the real meaning of Christmas. The drama ends with Scrooge surprising the...

  Good Enough For Christmas?

Christmas Youth by Debbie Entsminger Debbie Entsminger

28 pages

Large flexible cast, doubling possible.

It's Christmas and everyone is happy. Everyone, that is, except Travis, who tried to play a little joke on the Pastor's wife and now only has sticks and stones to look forward to. His grief is intensified by Felicity whose perfect record this past year has earned her all that she wants for Christmas - and she wants 364 gifts, one for each day of her goodness. After Felicity blows her contract and loses everything, they both learn that there is still one gift they can receive for that no one can ever be good enough to earn (Isaiah 64:6), but yo...

  Voices of the Nativity

Adult Christmas by Jill Lamkin

20 pages

3 m, 3 w.

What do you say when you see an angel? How do you say thank you when the child you've longed for is finally born? How do you let go of your daughter to her new husband and expected child? What are your first words to the tiny, newborn Son of God? Through Christ's birth, God entered and shared our humanity. In this monologue collection, Elizabeth, Zacharias, Mary, Mary's mother, Joseph and a shepherd tell their stories. They are stories of worship and stories of wonder at a God who would want to be such an intimate part of our lives. Each monologue tells its o...

  A Manger for All Seasons

Adult Christmas by Beth Loughner

14 pages

6 m (doubling possible), 4 w, 2 flexible, 2 teen boys, 2 girls.

The life-size nativity is up once again for public display along a busy sidewalk. Different views of Christmas abound and each will leave their mark on the nativity. Meet the attorney who believes he's well on his way to heaven by his wonderful contributions to society, or the two teenagers who find it hard to fit Jesus into their high-tech world. Cheerful shoppers are sure all the nativity needs is a bit of sprucing up to be appealing, and an apathetic Christian finds it easier to follow than to lead. Unbelief plagues two construction workers who find Jesus ...

  Seven for Christmas

Christmas Resource by Donna Valentine

70 pages

from 2m, 2 w, to 5 m, 7 w.

These seven skits look at Christmas from different angles. Some titles include "Grandma, the Lights Are Out," about faith in our Lord and His provisions for us; "The Perfect Gift," and why no one will accept it; "The Christmas Question" which asks what will you do with Jesus; and the humorous skit, "The Package." While each skit offers a fresh perspective, common to all is the miracle of Jesus' birth and sacrifice. A resource you'll use for many years! Performance time: 10 to 30 minutes each.

  Christmas Without the Angel

Adult Christmas by Tambra Kay Petrie

47 pages

4 m, 8 w, 4 b, 3 g.

Millionaire Jonathan Bingsley suddenly has his mansion and life turned upside down when a social worker friend asks him to take in six young children for the holidays. It's just a "temporary" measure until the children, who have lost their parents and home in a tragic fire, can be placed permanently. To add to the confusion, Jonathan's interferring sister shows up, bringing along her lazy son and his family. Jonathan's only relief from all the stress is the thought of his only daughter, Cynthia, who is coming home for the first time since her mother's (his wi...

  Littlest Angel

Christmas Youth by Helen Roberts

18 pages

13 speaking parts, extras.

The older angels are preparing for the coming of the Christ Child but the little angels have not been told the great secret and their mischievousness is disturbing. Michael, the littlest one, is the worst! But when the Guardian Angel explains, they are eager to do their share. How Michael is chosen to be the one to accompany Gabriel down to earth makes this a play of beauty and dignity for smaller children.  Performance time: 25 minutes. 

  Scarlet Ribbon

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

19 pages

8 m, 6 w, narrator.

In Part I a modern wife, serene in her happiness, scoffs lightly as her old-fashioned mother tells the children the Biblical story of Christmas, acted out in pantomime with a narrator in Part II. In Part III the modern wife finds, in near tragedy, that the scarlet ribbon of Christmas, which runs through the Bible, still binds the past and the future together in faith and hope. A presentation that offers easy rehearsal scheduling, and yet highlights the Christmas spirit. Performance time: 90 minutes.

  Dust on the Christmas Star

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

39 pages

3 m, 4 w, 1 g.

Kate Sherman, grieving over the deaths of her daughter and son-in-law from a car accident, finds it almost impossible to show her love for granddaughter, Tammy. Kate won't even allow any Christmas decorations in the house including the now dusty star Tammy's daddy made for her. A climax is reached when Tammy steals her late mother's christening dress for a nativity scene being staged by a young visiting minister, his wife, and friend Jo, whose brother was the drunk driver who caused the fatal accident. At the end, Kate shows her renewed faith when she vows ne...

  Grandpa Hangs the Holly

Adult Christmas by Don Elser

67 pages

4 m, 7 w, extras

Ever since tragedy befell Grandpa Howard on Christmas Eve 25 years earlier, he makes life miserable for everyone including himself. He won't let Mrs. Howard borrow his car for a fund-raising drive and won't listen to a plea from Mr. Howard and daughter Susan to borrow money for a very important business deal for Susan's boyfriend. Young Larry and the neighborhood pest, Betty, are constantly running afoul of Grandpa's temper. Pathos and fantasy come from Grandpa's dreamy reminiscing over the beautiful girl who was once his wife, and humor arises from the hilar...

  Halfway to Christmas

Adult Christmas by Alberta Hawse

38 pages

2 m, 3 w, 1 boy.

Lyne and Gary Ambrose don't have the Christmas spirit yet, and may not get it at all this year! Their somewhat spoiled daughter and pampered son-in-law are living with them while he's out of work, and it's a little tense around the house, to say the least. On top of it all, Lyne and Gary agreed to take in a foster child for the holidays, against the advice of their daughter, and the child happens to be the same one who stole Lyne's purse at the mall! Real characters with real problems make this play an affirmation of faith as it reminds us that God does not s...

  Christmas Served Here

Adult Christmas by Mindy Starns Clark

28 pages

2 m, 3 w, 2 flexible.

It is the day of Eleanor's annual church Christmas dinner for the poor and she has brought along her new boyfriend, Leo, to meet her grown granddaughter, Jane, for the first time. Jane has also brought along her new boyfriend, Bobby, to meet her grandmother. Unfortunately, they are so busy serving the dinner that the two couples do not get the chance for formal introductions. Through a series of misunderstandings, each person thinks the other is someone else entirely. Eleanor thinks Bobby is one of the homeless people while Bobby thinks Eleanor is a confused ...