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  Frantic Family Vacation

Comedy by Regina M Ballard

39 pages

7 m, 6 w, 1 boy

The wealthy Stanton family and hillbilly Hill family are camping together, but what was supposed to be a peaceful trip turns into a series of hilarious mishaps. The social-climbing wife contracts poison ivy; the pregnant wife is plagued with morning sickness and severe mood swings; and one of the daughters eats some berries that cause her to become strangely intelligent. But it isn't until a wild bear is spotted that the families really become frantic! Hour long.

  The Good, the Bad, and the Holy

Comedy by Richard Van Den Akker

56 pages

5 m, 6 w, 1 girl, optional Piano Player

Four strangers arrive in the little western town of Larrabie, Texas. One is a gunslinger looking for the man who shot his pa, another is a gambler looking for some action, the next is a snake oil salesman who promises to have anything anyone could ever need, and lastly is a preacher who offers the word of God. What follows is one of the most curious bets the gambler has ever seen, pitting the salesman against the preacher in a high-stakes game where lives – and souls – are on the line. With a loveable bunch of characters, from Liza, the soiled dove, to Old Su...

  Blind Date

Comedy by

25 pages

5 m, 3 w, 1 boy.

The two new Elders are coming to dinner but when they arrive they are mistaken for the two blind dates of the daughters of the household and they can't seem to get anyone to listen to them. To make matters more interesting, Herbie, the precocious 12-year-old, has lost his latest science project a snake! Will the Elders take the girls to the dance? Who will be the lucky one to find Herbie's science project? Hilarious confusion for all audiences!

  Celestial Bliss

Comedy by

28 pages

By Wanda Clayton Thomas

Before the Manifesto which abolished plural marriage among the Mormons, there were many members among the Danish converts who had several wives. The Danes were always quick to see the funny side of things and polygamy was no exception. For one thing, more wives meant more mothers-in-law! When the U.S. Government declared plural marriage to be illegal and sent marshalls to arrest the men, a great strain was put upon the mixed-up loyalties of the wives, the children, the mothers-in-law, the husbands and even the Church officials. The farcical hide-and-go-seek plot of the play is compound...

  Heaven Help Us

Comedy by

31 pages

7 m, 5 w, 1 boy.

Alarm bells sound when Pastor Larry Bowman and his wife, Janet, find out the leader of their denomination, Rev. Grisham, wants to visit and use their three children as role models for his newest book. As loveable as they are, young Eric, Cherie and Cody are famous for their outrageous ideas and rambunctious behavior. Their antics especially seems to grate on the nerves of one of the church's more conservative deacons. To impress Rev. Grisham, the kids build an altar to use the youngest child as their sacrifice - following the example of Abraham and Isaac, of course! Hapless, hilarious, ...

  Journey to the Big Sky

Comedy by Jack Weyland

12 pages

1 m, 1 w, 1 flexible

Al McCarty is an elderly construction worker on his first trip with his wife Lisa since his retirement. They’re camping in Montana, and though it’s been his dream to fish there, Al is bored. He misses his coworkers and the noise of the construction trucks. He’s even gone so far as to fix a toilet in the men’s restroom. When an angel in white overall appears telling him “It’s time,” Al is nonplussed. He demands the angel prove he has heavenly powers, and while they’re waiting for the “order” to go through, the angel gives Al a few options for his passing—from ...