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  Foster Mother: A Window & Wall

i-Monologue Mother's Day by

3 pages

1 w

A foster mother realizes she's going to have to be a wall, to shield her young charge from people's thoughtless and hurtful comments. At the same time she will also have to serve as a window to God, to let this little girl know that she is valuable and precious.

  He Will Hold You

Christmas i-Monologue by

2 pages

A Monologue to Mary From Her Mother

her own mother reassures her. She says how she wants to hold on to her but cannot. "I am letting you go to God, and to Joseph, and to your expected son. Each will ask for your heart in his own way."

  Herod, The Furious King

Christmas i-Monologue by

2 pages

By Robert Blaskey

Waiting for the three magi to return from their search, Herod considers his options in dealing with this imposter, a baby being called The King of Jews!