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  Angels' Return

Adult Christmas by Dewey W Todd

51 pages

Cast: 10 m, 11 w.

A year ago two angels, Angela and Debra, found themselves on a mission to keep a homeless shelter open. They did so with the help from a busload of stranded travelers and a couple of loveable bums. Now, a year later, the angels have returned for a happy reunion party which turns into assignment number two. The shelter owner's son plans to commit his father to an asylum and sell the property for a profit. Aaron is being influenced by a demon who is posing as an attorney. It's an even tougher undertaking for Angela since the demon is one she has yet to defeat in spiritual warfare. But t...

  Anything Can Happen...

Adult Christmas by Meredith (Hawse) Tavernaris

41 pages

2 m, 4 w, 1 boy, 1 girl.

Erika, an 18-year-old adopted daughter, has developed a rather touchy and secretive attitude during the past few weeks. When she admits that she is working with her teacher, Rachel Duvall, to locate her natural parents, the world explodes for Mom and Dad, young R.B. and Grandma. And when Miss Duvall calls the day before Christmas to tell Erika that she is ready to introduce her to her natural mother, Christmas really falls apart. Through prayer, family love and faith, we learn that nothing can really ruin Christmas for those who have been "adopted" into the family of God. Good character...

  Comic Country Christmas

Adult Christmas by

37 pages

5 m, 6 w, 2 extras.

Crazy, colorful Buster and Martha Smith, an elderly couple, are awaiting the arrival of their children and grandchildren for a traditional Christmas homecoming. They reminisce, in flashback, about the Christmas of 1955 when their youngest son, Ernest, hid "Santa," a man who had just robbed the bank, in their attic. While the robber tells Ernest fantastic stories to keep him believing, Buster tries to find the stolen money to earn the $1,000 reward to provide a good Christmas for his family. Martha must remind him of the real meaning of the holiday. Later the robber gives up and tells Bu...

  Holly Day's Inn

Adult Christmas by Meredith (Hawse) Tavernaris

41 pages

4 m, 5 w, 1 boy, 2 girls, extras.

Hollister Day is not sure why on Christmas Eve he is keeping open his hamburger stand, Holly Day's Inn. So many of the customers are unhappy including a young, troubled minister and his wife two girls, whose parents have seriously quarreled and a battling newlywed couple. But God works in mysterious ways with those who come into the inn and they find their answers.


Adult Christmas by

26 pages

4 m, 2 w, 2 m non-speaking.

"If that means I have to charge more, so be it! If that means that the poor have to go hungry, too bad!" Those are the unfeeling words of Jonas, an innkeeper in Bethlehem. His inn is full and business is booming, thanks to Caesar's decree. But Jonas' wife, Abigail, and daughter, Deborah, cannot talk him into being a more compassionate businessman and helping those less fortunate. Jonas argues he should make all the money he can now for their old age since their son, Rueben, who would have helped take care of them, died much too soon. The way Jonas figures it, God owes him. But Jonas' ...

  Life Support

Adult Christmas by Hilary Mackelden

71 pages

3 m, 5 w, 1 flexible

With just two days to Christmas, all demons are completely swamped with work and cannot take on more. However, Lucy Farr and her assistant Bea L. Zaybub may have to. Their problem is Pauline Salmon, a hard-bitten businesswoman who has been one of Lucy's finest subjects. But the new pastor, Rev. Ledbetter, is praying hard for Pauline as he struggles to make his church viable once again. Meanwhile, bad boy Jamie is trying to turn over a new leaf. Judgmental Pauline treats him badly and in retaliation, he steals from her shop. Escaping, he is run down by the mall's Santa sleigh and ends up i...

  Man Who Came For Christmas

Adult Christmas by

27 pages

7 m, 2 w, 1 boy, 1 girl.

Here's the story of a mysterious stanger who, one night, changes forever the lives of a small group of stranded travelers. Each traveler has his own fear or weakness. The cripple depends on his crutches to gain sympathy; the woman feels she must wear valuable jewerly to be worthy; the preacher has lost sight of God and can only see as far as his flask; the young husband and wife are running away, afraid to go home again. Charley, the bus station agent, uses tall tales to hide his true soul. Afraid at first of being robbed by this mysterious, bleeding man whose presence cannot really be e...

  Merry Christmas From Heaven

Adult Christmas by Craig Howard

44 pages

3 m, 4 w, 2 flexible, 3 girls, 2 boys

Delmas, a father of three daughters and several grandchildren, is fighting a losing battle to cancer. This comes only one year after his wife passed away. Delmas also grieves over an estranged brother with whom he wants to reconcile before it is too late. Two of Delmas’s daughters are dealing with their own problems, with the third daughter caught in the middle. The sisters, with emotions on edge, begin to argue over inheritances and cause added pain to an already difficult situation. Four grandchildren struggle with losing someone they love so much, and how to make sense of it. A loving...

  Advent Wreath

Adult Christmas by

15 pages

Cast: 4 to 5 readers.

Enhance your Advent services with meaningful weekly worship skits. Each skit, centered around the traditional holiday Advent wreath, addresses one particular aspect of the Christmas story. Four candles represent a theme on the wreath and are discussed in turn each week: The Candle of Prophecy, The Candle of Bethlehem, The Candle of the Angels, and The Candle of the Shepherds. The fifth Candle of Christ, located in the center of the wreath, is lit on either Christmas eve or Christmas day. Speaking parts are minimal, allowing for the presentation of each skit to be done by children, adults...

  Bucky B's Christmas Miracle

Adult Christmas by Kenny Blade

40 pages

18 flexible characters

The Breckenheimers are a loving Christian family celebrating Christmas with a unique hillbilly flair all their own. As our story begins, we flashback to the day Poppa delivered some very exciting news to Mama, his parents and his children Bucky, Queazy, Myra Jean and Lindy. He has just been promoted to the Assistant to the Junior Assistant Manager at the pickled egg plant owned by Garver Goobler. Poppa will even get to help Goobler with a "special" project Christmas morning. But the family's happiness is tempered by Mama's uneasiness with the motives of Goobler. Things become even more...

  Christmas On An Elevator

Adult Christmas by

11 pages

9 speaking parts (8 adults, 1 child).

An assorted group of people are more than a little tense when the elevator they're on gets stuck just as the mall is closing on Christmas Eve. But their forced confinement makes them think more seriously about the "mindless celebration" that they've been rushing through, often with some resentment. The more they discuss the real meaning of the season, the more their hearts change. As they are rescued, they realize that although they may never see each other again, they will remember this Christmas forever. Super simple to stage, yet very effective.

  Finding Joy

Play With Music by Laura Manning Turner

22 pages

Speaking parts: 1 m, 3 w, 2-3 girls.

"Finding Joy" tells the poignant, but funny story of Lucy, a grandmother struggling to find joy this first Christmas after her husband has passed away. Surrounded by her daughter and grandchildren, Lucy tries her best to decorate. Unwrapping the nativity pieces, an angel appears and takes Lucy into the world of the holy family where joy and difficulty also walked hand in hand. As the show closes, Lucy is able to take over her late husband’s tradition of reading the Christmas story from Luke, and we see the holy characters come to life in a touching and beautiful blend of drama and music. E...

  He Sent Us An Angel

Christmas Youth by

32 pages

1 adult female, 2 flexible adults, plus

Students in Mrs. Smith's class have forgotten, or never knew, the true meaning of Christmas. From Santa to expensive presents to boyfriends, their explanations of what Christmas means to them are generally selfish and shallow. But that quickly changes when their bus breaks down during a snowstorm and they find themselves seeking shelter in an abandoned church. A homeless man suddenly enters. At first cautious, they soon give him their food, warm coats, shoes and other belongings to comfort him. When he reappears as an angel, he shows them that their generosity is the real meaning of Chri...

  Hope Cradle

Adult Christmas by

50 pages

7 m, 10 w, 9 children, doubling possible.

The holidays are approaching and the members of St. Peter's Church of Riverview have to choose: either spend Christmas Eve with some local orphans or hold their traditional celebration. While many are generous with material gifts, sacrificing their time is quite another matter. Add a famous New York talent agent looking to audition the two best singers in the congregation, and soon competing desires threaten to tear apart the harmonious Christmas spirit. Set in the 1940s, this play beautifully reveals its characters' choices and convictions as they move toward Christmas compassion and hop...

  Jesus Loves Fruitcakes

Adult Christmas by Kathleen Conner Combass

42 pages

8 m, 12 w, 7 children

The colorful, crazy yet thoroughly Christian staff and residents of the Jesus House, a retirement home, prepare to welcome Ellery Jamison into their world. His daughter, whom he hasn't seen in twenty years, is responsible for arranging his present placement. Unfortunately, Mr. Jamison is an atheist, and the last place on earth he wants to be is in a Christian nursing home, especially where one of the residents prides himself on making red and green fruitcakes for Christmas. Jamison's disdain for the home and all its residents is obvious, and it's tough for the other residents to set asid...