Undercover Christmas

Book By: Hope Bunch
Play #: 1575
Pages: 68 pgs
Cast: 8 m, 7 w, 2 flexible

Doc Nash had a successful medical career in Richmond, Virginia. But five years ago, after losing his wife, he decided to return to his country home in Baynesville, VA. There, he established a free medical clinic where residents of his childhood hometown could receive free medical care.  Even with only one johnny-on-the-spot nurse and a bumbling receptionist, this clinic has become a vital part of this rural community. Since its inception, the clinic has been supported with funds from the local government and private donations. However, with recent cuts in funding and a dip in the economy, the clinic is struggling financially. With a stack of unpaid bills and no money in the bank, the future of this little clinic remains uncertain. 

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Behind The Scenes


Playwright Hope Bunch talks about her play

"Undercover Christmas"


What inspired you to write this play?

I was watching “Undercover Boss” one night as I was working in my kitchen. In this episode, the CEO of a large company visited one of his stores, disguised as a new employee. He was trying to find out why this particular franchise was so successful. At the end of the show, many faithful, hard-working employees were rewarded with bonuses for their loyalty and dedication to the company. Having worked for a struggling non-profit organization for nineteen years, I thought about how wonderful it would have been if an undercover boss had come to our legal aid office! Our budget was always stretched to the max and there were times that it looked like we might have to close the doors. I must have been thinking about this when I went to sleep that night as when I awoke the next morning, the idea of “Undercover Christmas” was in my head. 


What's your favorite part or line in the play?  Why?

My favorite part of the play is when Mary Alice realizes that Lou Grant is not a "stuffed shirt" but is actually a free-spirited motorcycle enthusiast. She has finally found someone who is "her type."

My favorite line was from Simon, the UPS man when Frances says, "Since you are going to be our UPS man, you can just call me Frances." He leans in and replies, "I'll call you tonight if you give me your number."   


What did you try to achieve with this play?

I tried to share the message of Matthew 25 where Jesus instructed his disciples to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the lonely. I also wanted to remind us that the best reward of doing good works happens when these things are done in secret.