Walter Vail

Walter Vail has a depth of experience in teaching, administering, playwriting and performing. He's written numerous plays, many of which have earned professional productions and won awards. He's spent over 20 years at Society Hill Playhouse in playwriting, dramaturgy and acting. Indeed, his writing is enriched by his time onstage as he's played more than 20 different roles. He also spent 15 years as a playwriting consultant and dramaturg at the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Program and six years as an actor, playwright and literary manager at Hedgerow Theatre Extended Company. Much of the rest of his professional life has been teaching English, drama, and in television production.

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  Christmas in Her Heart

Comedy by Walter Vail

58 pages

3 m, 6 w

Geraldine Pointer is a selfish woman whose materialism alienated both her husband and daughter. But years have passed, and something strange is happening to Geraldine. Although she never gives anything to anybody, her neighbors and friends are turning up with gifts and cards attributed to Geraldine, and in her own handwriting no less! First the cleaning lady receives a hundred dollar tip, then an old boyfriend gets a pure Italian silk tie, and finally the neighbor with the sick little boy gets money to help his recovery. Geraldine doesn't know what's going on...