Beulah Bear Discovers Christmas (Musical)

Book By: Christy Long
Play #: 2501
Pages: 46 pgs
Cast: 3 b, 3 g, 6 flexible, extras as shoppers, carolers, animals

Beulah Bear's winter sleep is interrupted by ringing Christmas bells. She and her fearful friend, Donald Deer, venture into the big city to discover what Christmas is all about. There they meet up with some colorful characters, among them Rodney Rat, a shady street salesman, and Rover the Dog whose dread of the holiday is revealed with the poem, "The Nightmare of Christmas." Discouraged by the commercialism they encounter, they almost give up until the true meaning of Christmas is finally revealed to them by a church mouse. Wonderful characters, humorous lines and clever songs all help to deliver the final, touching message of this play: Jesus is the true gift of love to all of us.  Performance time: About 50 minutes.

Rehearsal/performance music(on flash drive) included with the purchase of a Print Master.

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