Sylvia Ashby

Sylvia Ashby concentrated on acting as an undergrad at the University of Iowa and grad assistant at the University of Hawaii long before starting to write scripts for young audiences. “Master Skylark of Stratford” is her fifteenth published play (including “King Stag” and “Mrs. Peck’s Christmas Puddin’”). Like two other plays, “Master Skylark of Stratford” was an American Association of Theatre Educators (AATE) Unpublished Play Project winner. "Master Skylark" was also a semi-finalist in the prestigious Bonderman (Indiana University/Purdue University) Symposium. Her work has been produced on three continents. Other scripts have been recommended by “Stage Directions Magazine,” “Children’s Book and Play Review,” and “Plays for Children and Adults.”
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  Mrs. Peck's Christmas Puddin'

Classic by Sylvia Ashby

32 pages

4 m, 4 w, 3 boys, 2 girls

Freely adapted from Eliza Lee Follen's 19th century American play. Poor Widow Peck struggles to raise her youthful brood. Though out of money, food and places to turn for help, she is determined to have a Christmas pudding. As every effort ends in disappointment, she grows increasingly desperate until a mysterious stranger appears. This is a charming play with delightful characters and colorful dialect. The youngsters' ages are flexible.