Richard Van Den Akker

Richard Van Den Akker lives in Vicksburg Mississippi and works as an emergency planner for Entergy Operations. Married to Sue for thirty years they have three sons: Cory, 29; Ryan, 18; and Noah, 15. In his spare time Richard fishes, acts, writes and is a Boy Scout leader. He has been performing mainly at Vicksburg Theatre Guild for twelve years, and writing for eight. Richard's writing is mainly comedies and Christian-themed plays and skits. He has had seven dinner theater plays produced by Hawkins United Methodist Church to raise money for missions, and three full-length children’s plays produced by the VTG Fairy Tale Theater.

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  Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Comedy by Richard Van Den Akker

26 pages

5 m, 4 w, and optional 1 flexible

A small church is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new and as yet unseen pastor. But he’s arrived too early and instead of meeting the welcoming committee, Rev. Goode encounters a seemingly homeless man. The pastor immediately offers to help him, surprising the stranger who says he never before received that kind of consideration from the church members. Since the pastor is more interested in finding out what type of church he inherited than in making a good first impression, he switches place with the other man so he can observe firsthand how the church t...

  The Good, the Bad, and the Holy

Comedy by Richard Van Den Akker

56 pages

5 m, 6 w, 1 girl, optional Piano Player

Four strangers arrive in the little western town of Larrabie, Texas. One is a gunslinger looking for the man who shot his pa, another is a gambler looking for some action, the next is a snake oil salesman who promises to have anything anyone could ever need, and lastly is a preacher who offers the word of God. What follows is one of the most curious bets the gambler has ever seen, pitting the salesman against the preacher in a high-stakes game where lives – and souls – are on the line. With a loveable bunch of characters, from Liza, the soiled dove, to Old Su...