Jody Haight

I have a rather eclectic history. I studied theatre in college, but graduated with degrees in History and Anthropology. I had leads in college and community productions such as "A Christmas Carol" and "Lend Me a Tenor." I spent seven years as a hostess and performer at Walt Disney World. More recently, I volunteered for four years as the Children's Drama Director at our church. Now I spend most of my time helping my four children with homework and chauffeuring them to various activities. I love writing and theatre and believe that the arts provide invaluable experiences to children in their personal and educational growth.
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  Breaking News in Bethlehem

Children Christmas by Jody Haight

17 pages

10-15 children, plus extras, doubling possible

The all angel news team of ANN, the Angelic News Network, are reporting the evening news. Tonight’s top story is the census. Gabrielle is working to keep everyone on schedule, Seraphima is maybe a little too relaxed for being on the air, Sandy Storms doesn’t have much to report on the weather, and Angel-on-the- Scene is interviewing an innkeeper about the increased business. Then Joseph and Mary arrive, and a bigger story begins to unfold before everyone’s eyes. It is not the story the angels expected to report, nor did it occur where they expected to report ...