Jae Campbell

Jae Campbell has been writing poetry, plays and musicals for over fifteen years. Her writing style is dramatic, usually contains humor, and always has a lesson. Her passion for theater began when she received her first role as a street smart gangsta at the age of fifteen. Since then she has earned a master's degree in Theater Education, and has taught all aspect of theater in the public school setting. She has played such roles as the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical, Sojourner Truth in A Woman Called Truth, and is well known as "Gritty Granny," a character she created that teaches life lessons to today's generation. She has directed  August Wilson's Fences, Aladdin, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  and numerous other productions over the years. She currently serves as the Performing Arts Director for Agape Faith Church, where she oversee's all aspects of Easter and Christmas productions, as well as drama, dance, and mime performances throughout the year.

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  Rhema: Words to Live By

by Jae Campbell

21 pages

Ensemble cast of 18 - 23

This dramatic presentation highlights the power of the spoken words of Jesus and the spoken promises of God. It uses the eloquence of figurative language and poetry to recreate the monumental events that capture Jesus’ last days on earth. Incorporating dramatic movement and hymns, an ensemble cast will take you full circle on a journey from when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt to the Last Supper, a Passover celebration gone wrong. The imagery depicting the horrific death of Jesus will come to life, and in the final scene you will be reminded of His life...

  He Is

Easter by Jae Campbell

28 pages

13 males, 3 females, and 12 + flexible

This show is a modern rendition of the traditional Easter story, highlighting events surrounding Jesus’ last days. From the time he arrives in Galilee to his arrest, death and resurrection, the audience will be captivated by this biblical retelling. The story is set in present day and includes D12, his street-smart gang of disciples, a young group of zealous followers who later turn on him, and the Pharisees and Sadducees dressed in priestly garments and big church hats, who plot to end Jesus’ fame. Using dramatic monologues, comedic lines, heartfelt songs an...