Gary Gagliardi

My books have won awards in many different non-fiction categories. My work translating ancient Chinese was recognized as the best multicultural book of the year when it was published. My works have been translated into over a dozen languages and sold all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have read my work. I was an author on technology before I was a CEO of a software company that we grew into an INC. 500 company. 

I have spent fifteen years on studying Jesus's words in the ancient Greek. This time has been very narrowly focused on Jesus’s words in the Gospels. I have written a detailed article on almost every verse Jesus speaks in the Gospels. I write or update these articles daily at the website,

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  We Saw His Sermon on the Mount

one-act by Gary Gagliardi

48 pages

3 m, 3 w

In this play, six witnesses to the Sermon on the Mount recreate the experience for an early assembly of Christians. In the recreation, witnesses take turns acting as Jesus, audience members, and narrators of the story. Though much more entertaining and humorous than most translations of the Sermon, Jesus’s words in this version closely follow the original Greek in the order that He spoke them. This word order demonstrates the warmth and cleverness that Jesus used to draw people into His message. This allows audiences today to hear these words in an exciting n...