Dave Brandl

Dave Brandl began writing plays in 1988 and currently has over a dozen plays published and performed throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. He has worked with the Players Guild Theatre Company in Arvada, CO since 1980 as a playwright and actor. He writes a playwriting column for an internet community, has published playwriting books, and reviews plays for a newspaper in Denver, where he makes his home with his wife and four daughters.

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  Christmas Lottery

Christmas Scenes by Dave Brandl

56 pages

4 m, 3 w 3 girls, doubling possible.

Three related one-acts are woven together with scenes in a radio booth. George and Mary Williams are $14-million lottery winners. They host "Radio Riches," a local broadcast, where they receive calls and letters from people seeking money, and share stories about the people they help. The first one-act, "How Can They Call It a Fixed Income When We're Always Broke?" is about a retired man who hesitates taking a check from the Williamses, much to the wife's chagrin. In "Bus Stop Baptism," the homeless Preachin' Pearl discovers George's motives to help the poor a...