Cook and Kashoid

KEVIN COOK (far left) earned his B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Richmond in Virginia and his M.A. in Theatre from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Kevin spent many years touring as a professional actor before settling down to teach acting as well as to create and manage theatre productions. Kevin wrote the book for GET HAPPY one of the definitive works on the songwriter Harold Arlen and won Winter Haven’s National Playwriting Award for Best Musical for the children’s fantasy A DRAGON’S TALE! Kevin’s management includes productions with Penn and Teller, Kathy Bates, Farrah Fawcett, Gary Sinese, Lynn Redgrave, John Mahoney and Holly Hunter (all NYC), Sheena Easton (Las Vegas), David Cassidy (Las Vegas, National and International Tours) as well as one of the largest production shows in the world MGM Grand’s EFX (Las Vegas). As Director of Education for Dallas Summer Musicals Academy of Performing Arts, Kevin oversees curriculum and manages the expansion of the school.


DENIS KASHOID comes to Dallas Summer Musicals by way of Russia. Denis first picked up a violin at the age of six. Following ten years of studying the art of music, Mr. Kashoid continued his education by completing a master's degree in music performance and education awarded by Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Denis is a teacher accredited on the college level, a performance artist in piano and trumpet, musical director for the theatre and an orchestrator. In the United States, Denis has most recently been the conductor and musical director for numerous large productions. He is scheduled to be the music director, vocal coach and conductor for upcoming Dallas Summer Musicals student productions.

Picture of Cook And Kashoid.