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Adult Christmas by Lynda Pujado

19 pages

8 m, 8 w.

Here is a play which shows that the Christmas story is really a story of people on a journey. Mary and Joseph and the wise men travelled long, difficult distances physically, but more important are their personal journeys. They, along with the shepherds of the field and even a messenger in King Herod's court, face danger, consuming doubt, and sometimes frightening emptiness. For some of them it's a journey into the unknown. Yet each one finds - and follows - a path to the King of Eternity. Their journeys beckon us to follow. Performance time: About 25 minutes...

  Just an Observer

Adult Christmas by Kaye Loughridge

12 pages

6 m, 7 w, 3 flex, 3 g. 2 b, extras.

Easily staged using spotlights. Abia watches with interest when his cousin, Joseph, and his fiancee, Mary, become the talk of the town. From that time, throughout the major events in the life of Christ, Abia is simply a curious spectator. Abia is staying at the inn when Jesus is born. Years later he is also with the caravan that returns to find the missing 12-year-old and hears the bickering that surrounds Jesus' ministry. But later, when Pilate asks, "What will you do with Jesus?" Abia realizes that no one can be just an observer. About 30 minutes.

  Little Light of Love

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

12 pages

1 m, 1 w, extras, non speaking.

Here's an unusual and touching candelight service. Guardian angels Gabriel and Agnes are confused when they hear God is sending the Prince of Peace to earth as a baby. A baby?! No army, no muscle, no clout? Then the Child will certainly need the best home and education to succeed. As they argue over the details, they realize He has already been born. The two angels then help the only way they can. From one stable candle they start lighting candles of the congregation to "light the waiting hearts of all those who stand in the dark." Performance time: About 20 ...

  The Lost Choir of Bethlehem Springs

Christmas Youth by Margo Haas

43 pages

15 to 30 young actors with flexible gender and ages one adult role.

The youth choir of Bethlehem Springs Church is stranded when their bus breaks down in a snowstorm miles from anywhere. The teens and injured director find refuge in a closed-up lodge, but there is plenty of conflict when they learn that Treat, a bitter and troubled 14-year-old, knows how to fix the bus, but won't. But they learn that Treat, assigned to do volunteer work for the church from his juvenile parole officer, is not the evil character they thought, nor are they the enemy Treat believed them to be. The story highlights teens' uncanny ability to forgiv...

  Lucius of Bethlehem

Adult Christmas by John Teague

38 pages

With doubling: 7 m, 3 w. Extras as desired.

The extreme peril and the boundless love surrounding Jesus' birth is beautifully dramatized here. Lucius, an ex-Roman soldier still vibrant although somewhat crippled, has escorted Mary and Joseph on the long trip to Bethlehem to register for the tax. In return Joseph will build cabinets for the inn that Lucius owns with his wife Swan. They hide the couple in a small cave used as a barn and soon the older couple thinks of Mary as an adopted daughter. But there's danger everywhere. In a tense scene Lucius uses his wit and friendship with local soldiers to enab...

  Lullaby at the Stable

Christmas Youth by Verlynn Kneifl and Laurie Larsen

12 pages

Large flexible cast

Preschoolers and children in lower grades will enjoy performing in this gentle and delightful Christmas pageant. Like many mothers of new babies, Mary is having a difficult time getting Baby Jesus to sleep. The wise men, shepherds, angels, lions, sheep, and mice sing their best lullabies, but all in vain. At last, one small, timid, striped kitten sings the Holy Child to sleep. Older children can handle the few speaking roles while any number of younger performers can participate as the animals. Easy costuming and staging and all the songs are traditional, wel...

  Melchoir's Journey

Adult Christmas by Susan A J Lyttek

44 pages

12 m, 4 w.

When Matthew, the future evangelist, visits Melchior to tell him about the life and death of Jesus, he is surprised that the old Wise Man knows about the Messiah already. Melchior tells Matthew about when he was young and troubled, he and his fellow Magi, Caspar and Balthazar, followed the star to an uncertain destination. Braving deserts, snakes, storms, and treacherous rivers, they struggled with more than the elements. Beset by grave self-doubt, Melchoir nearly gave up along the way. In the process, his travels became an inward journey of discovery as well...

  The Menagerie of St. Francis

Christmas Youth by Thomas J Gardiner

29 pages

20 characters. (2 m, 1 w plus other parts which can be played by males or females.)

Friar Francis and Friar Juniper decide to re-enact the First Nativity for the people of their town at Christmas. They ask the nearby animals if their ancestors were at the First Nativity and could tell them what it was like. They encounter an amusing variety of creatures, reflecting a range of human follies. But the animals they encounter are all too busy with themselves to give Friar Francis what he wants. In despair, Friar Francis lies down for a nap. As he sleeps it is disclosed that Friar Juniper and all the animals have secretly been rehearsing for weeks...

  Old-Fashioned Christmas

Adult Christmas by Andy Gregg

25 pages

3 m, 4 w.

Janie wants a real old-fashioned Christmas, one that brings back the spirit of the old days, but her boyfriend is too busy working at the mission to help her. As hard as she tries, everything goes wrong - the popcorn balls are too sticky, the homemade candles collapse, and the live Christmas tree falls over. Janie thinks Christmas is ruined, but it's only the display that's failed. With the help of her family and boyfriend, Janie rediscovers that the Christmas spirit is in each of us, giving and sharing all year long. Performance time: 30 minutes.

  Pageants of Praise

Adult Christmas by Roy Speckhard

0 pages

flexible cast

These five different Christmas pageants put the Gospel of Jesus firmly at the center of spiritual dramas that grapple with the events and basic needs of everyday life. Each hour-long program represents an entire service, including a responsive reading, a place for a message from the pastor and an offering, all interspersed with suggested songs that can be sung by a choir, a group of children, or the congregation as a whole. Each script offers active speaking and non-speaking roles for 40 to 50 participants. These pageants present an ideal opportunity for wors...

  Real Miracle

Adult Christmas by Carol B. Eckel

9 pages

5 m, 10 w.

What is the Christmas miracle? The Angry Man feels the only miracle is that we are still alive. The Tired Woman feels the miracle is that we still bother with the holiday. The Greedy Boy believes the miracle is getting anything you want. The Sad Woman has stopped believing in the miracle. The Girl-in-White enters and the characters find a different miracle of Christmas, they light their candles and stand beside her. Is the miracle friendship, laughter, giving, or hope? The most important miracle is love from which all the candles are lit. A beautiful pageant ...

  Return to Bethlehem

Adult Christmas Musical by

0 pages

5 m, 3 w, and two choruses

Ivan and Victor, two somewhat weary and cynical men, have just finished playing the roles of the magi in the church's Christmas pageant when they realize the third man, who was recruited at the last minute, insists upon still being called Balthazar. Confused about him and curious why the other church members haven't returned to change out of their costumes, the two men return to the nativity scene on stage to find the cast, like Balthazar, really believe themselves to be at the stable that special, holy night. Five original, unforgettable songs. This is an id...

  Santa and the King

Christmas Holiday Musical by Novelli And Aaron

34 pages

4 m, 3 w, 4 flexible, extras

Santa’s elves, Flip and Twip, are sent to help Mrs. Santa with her last-minute preparations for Christmas Eve. The two elves spin mischief, but real trouble arrives in the form of King Sarak and his spoiled son, Prince Horace. By royal decree, Horace’s Christmas stocking must include all the toys in the land! When Santa refuses, offering instead to visit Prince Horace in the usual manner, the King has the toys seized, thus jeopardizing the merriment of Christmas. With Mrs. Santa’s guidance, plus cooperation between Flip and Twip, as well as lots of audience i...