In Light of Everything

Play #: 1529
Pages: 58 pgs
Cast: 10 m, 13 w, 2 teen boys, 2 teen girls, extras

The year is 1849, the month December. Once an insignificant port, Prophyte Harbor is now on the sailor’s map as a refuge in Maine. The people of this small fishing island continue living as they always have…simply. They struggle to keep their faith through their challenges. They will soon experience a journey like no other. Only the beams from the lighthouse will remain the constant. They hear this very important message: In life you will weather many storms, but do not fear. I am with you always. Hear my words and know the truth: there is never a time I am not with you … Christmas renews the promise. About 90 minutes. Includes eight original songs.

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THE SANCTUARY 1 Performance(s)
PERRIS, CA 12/13/2015
FORT MORGAN, CO 12/12/2014

Behind The Scenes




1. What inspired you to write this play?


The sea has always held so many mysteries for me. I am drawn to it. I feel the presence of God when I stand on the beach and look towards the horizon. I am also fascinated by Lighthouses. I collect them. When I started to write this play I thought I would center it on the Lighthouse which is symbolic for Christ. The Lighthouse keeper is the Christ figure. He brings hope to a village that feels lost and forgotten. Many of the people on this small island are trying to find their faith. I wanted a dock that led up to the lighthouse as it symbolizes a pathway to Christ. I like doing time period plays and musicals. This play was written for 1849. I researched many things about the sea and the people that lived during that time. I find that the characters all represent many who have searched for their faith at some point in their lives.



2. What's your favorite part or line in the play? Why?


My favorite line in the play is by the Woman in White on page 22. She is talking about Jesus. "He comes in every darkness, does He not? He stands in our place and takes the tears of all mankind unto himself." For me, this is His message of hope. He is the light in every darkness.


3. Where did the characters come from? Are they based on people you know?


When I write a play, I just begin the process of allowing God to help me to develop a storyline. I know He inspires everything I do. The characters in this play became very real to me while I was writing, but they are not based on anyone I know. Interesting little side note; after I wrote the first nine pages somehow it got lost in the computer and I felt like I would not get those characters back the way they first appeared on paper. It took two days, but we were able to find it on the computer in code. The secretary spent hours decoding it but I got my characters back. It was what I needed to continue writing and to make real each character. Each person in the play has purpose and makes this village feel very much like home.


4. What did you try to achieve with this play?


What I wanted to achieve with this play is the message of the promise given to all of us at Christmas. It is not just an angel, or wise men, or the manger. It is the Christ who came to live among us and bring us hope. Another line in the play that inspires what I wanted to achieve is when the Lighthouse Keeper says to Rev. Boden, "Life Happens. It isn't always fair by our standards, but life happens. It is up to you to find your way. You haven't lost your faith, you have only misplaced it. You can't keep God in a box, my friend." Too often we find ourselves trying to keep God in a box. He was very present through the process of writing this play and very present with our actors on stage. The Holy Spirit has helped all of us to find our way.


5. Do you have anything else you'd like to add?


It is my prayer for every church that performs one of my plays that you are giving Him a mouthpiece. You are telling the Good News to many who have never heard it. May God bless you and anoint all who choose to do "In Light of Everything." He has kept His light shining for all, "through every darkness."