Bradley Walton

After working for seven years as a comic book writer and artist without ever quite having made a living at it, Bradley Walton landed a job in the library of his high school alma mater. A well-remembered drama and forensics junkie, he was quickly recruited to head the school's forensics program, as well as establish and direct an annual spring play. Long intimidated and befuddled by Shakespeare, but figuring it was high time to do something about it, he directed “The Tempest” as his first show, followed by a wildly (if improbably) successful Star Wars-themed production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Having conquered his greatest theatrical fear, the next logical step seemed to be writing his own plays to direct. To his enormous relief, he turned out to be rather good at it. Mr. Walton lives in Virginia with his wife, daughter, some cats, and an embarrassingly large quantity of comic books and Star Wars action figures.

Picture of Bradley Walton.