Billy W. Boone

Billy W. Boone, a native of West Texas, received his B.A. in Theatre and M.Ed. in Secondary Education from Wayland Baptist University. He taught high school theatre for five years before becoming an elementary principal. Billy, who has written numerous other plays, lives with his wife and daughters in the panhandle of Texas.

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Drama by Billy W. Boone

37 pages

5 m, 8 w, 12 flexible

In this one-act play, tragedy meets fantasy, myth meets reality. A fairy-tale world winds itself around the real drama of one little girl’s battle with cancer and her family’s anguish. As they struggle to cope with her prognosis and desperate treatment, the fairy tale characters from the little girl’s book play out their own drama. Will an evil sorceress and her dark creatures succeed in pulling Princess Caroline away from her beloved family and prince? Will little Cora’s experimental cancer treatment save her? In our imaginations, the villain is always slain...