William Springer

Bill Springer worked for years as a director and designer in amateur, educational, community and professional theatre. One summer, as director of a camp in Vermont, he was unable to find the perfect script for his young actors and so sat down and wrote his own. "Frumpled Fairy Tales" was a big hit and later published by Eldridge Publishing Co. where it has been one of the company's most popular children's shows ever. Based on that, more children's scripts followed and many became the mainstay of a N. C. children's theatre. It wasn't until later that Bill's love of mysteries surfaced and he wrote "Murder Me, Murder Me Not" which was immediately picked up by Eldridge. Surprisingly, it is the only "adult" play of his eight published with the company, yet it is as well-received as any of his children's plays. What makes Bill's plays so popular? In his own words, "I guess it's my silly sense of humor. I write my plays so I'd enjoy them and the jokes and gags seem to appeal to all ages." His editors are quick to add that his plays are also strongly constructed, with good characterization and an attention to detail that is close to perfection. While these individual elements may not be immediately obvious, the audience knows instinctively that overall the play is a good one. Bill currently lives and works in South Carolina where he continues to write, compose music and create miniatures.

Picture of William Springer