Tim Kelly

The late Mr. Tim Kelly was once named in Dramatists Guild Quarterly as "among the most successful and most produced playwrights operating outside the New York market." At one point Tim had more than 300 plays in print. An active journalist and screenwriter, he particularly enjoyed writing for young audiences. A Tim Kelly Theatre Collection is located at the University of Wyoming.
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  One Doggone Wish

Comedy by Tim Kelly

64 pages

7 m, 15 w, optional extras

Coco is a lovable French poodle who dies of a broken heart after being DOGNAPPED! Every pooch in doggie heaven gets one wish, and Coco’s wish is to return to school on the day of the mid-term dance. Her former owner, a teacher named Steve Ritter, taught Coco to “sing” and he planned to have her entertain. Coco was anxious to make him proud. Keeper, the basset hound in charge of such things, grants the wish but sends two other dogs to keep an eye on Coco as French poodles are inclined to be somewhat frivolous. The two other dogs are Alice, a blood-hound, and R...