Three Nativity Plays

Book By: Linda Aranda
Play #: 1640
Pages: 28 pgs
Cast: Flexible Cast and staging

As "The Reluctant Shepherd," ten-year-old Toby invents numerous excuses to keep from participating in the live nativity at his church. Later, standing on the cold hillside under the sparkling stars, Toby and the other shepherds bring the true meaning of Christmas to life for passing motorists.


A well used crèche helps bring calm to the chaos as two exuberant children decorate for Christmas without adult supervision. The nativity figures, though scratched and broken, can be used, "One More Time," as a busy working mother and her two quarrelsome children retell the story of Jesus' birth.


In "A Homemade Christmas Eve," a recovering cancer patient tries to organize her large, unruly family into a live nativity. Battling her uncertain health and a disagreeable daughter-in-law, Eileen persists in creating a memorable evening in the barn for all involved.


Three delightful plays with heartwarming messages for that most wonderful time of the year. Can be produced separately or as an evening of entertainment. About 45 minutes total.

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THEATRE GROUP 1 Performance(s)
WAYNESBORO, MS 12/15/2010
MIDDLETOWN BAPT CH 1 Performance(s)
BEREA, KY 12/15/2009
PRAISES #2 1 Performance(s)
PORTSMOUTH, OH 12/15/2008
THEATRE GROUP 1 Performance(s)
ANNVILLE, KY 12/15/2008

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