Terry Earp

Terry Earp is a native of Pueblo, Colorado and has lived in Phoenix since 1971. Her work has been performed in various theatre festivals throughout the country. She writes both ethnic and non-ethnic plays for children and adults
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  String of Lights

Drama by Terry Earp

24 pages

1 w, 1 flexible

This is the story of two displaced people: Esther, an escapee from a nursing home, and Nathan, a young runaway who is fresh to the streets. They break into an apartment and she feeds Nathan a meal he will never forget. Together they create memories, making up events that they each wish would have happened, from merry Christmas holidays to lazy summer days at baseball games. The more they pretend, the more we see that Esther misses her family members who have passed away and that Nathan is deeply hurt by his divorcing parents. The memories they create will tak...