Terrell Anthony

Terrell is a seminarian and minister who also works as a writer, actor and director.  His play, “Quiet on the Set” ran off-Broadway.  It’s been translated in several languages and staged in five countries.  As an actor, Terrell played in the soaps for many years, including a long run as Rusty Shayne of “Guiding Light.” His most recent projects have teamed him with the Uniformed Services University and the National Institute of Health to help combat veterans deal with the effects of traumatic brain injury.

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Easter by Terrell Anthony

28 pages

3 m, 1 w, 1 flexible

It is the night of Jesus’ crucifixion. His followers (the audience) are in hiding from the authorities. They came to Jerusalem to hail Jesus. Now, they’re confused and frightened. They have become strangers in Jerusalem, the followers … of a dead man. As the audience sits in the dark, they meet Mary Magdalene, a beggar boy, Nicodemus, Simon the Cyrene, and James the disciple. Each of the characters has a unique perspective on Jesus that’s reassuring but challenging.


“Darkness” is U-3 ...