Tammy Madden

I currently live in Southwest Florida, but I am originally from a small town in the mountains of North Carolina. I am a high school and college English and Drama teacher, and I love it. In addition to teaching, I have been working in theater for many years. I had my first lead in a play when I was 9 years old. I began directing and writing plays when I was 14, and Eldridge published my first play when I was 27. I am also a published short-story writer and journalist. I have a wonderful, patient husband, Raymond; two sons, T.J. and Tyler, and a stepdaughter, Reanna. My favorite “drama” experience so far has been a summer I spent in London in residence at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

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  Christmas at Church Street Mission

Christmas Youth by Tammy Madden

26 pages

7 m, 4 w.

Chris, a very materialistic teenager, just got busted for stealing her parents' credit card. Her punishment, "to teach her a lesson about those less fortunate than she," is to work at the local homeless mission every evening of her Christmas vacation. It's a punishment she is not happy about! Through Sam, a bitter homeless man; Les, the long-suffering director; and Miss Jackie, a wise, yet mysterious resident, Chris learns the true meaning of Christian love and unselfishness. A humorous, yet touching play, with an unexpected twist at the end. One simple inter...

  Through the Eyes of Faith

Adult Easter by Tammy Madden

36 pages

9 m (with doubling), 5 w, 3 children, extras.

It is the time of Passover and Jesus has just re-entered the city. The city bustles as people flock to meet their Messiah and to witness Him healing the sick and the crippled. Simon, who has lost his faith in God, rejects claims that Jesus is the Messiah. Instead, Simon stays home, consumed with worry as a drought threatens the crops he sells. But Simon's blind son, Alexander, ventures into the crowded streets to meet his Savior and to restore his father's faith in the Lord. When Jesus lays His hands upon Alexander's eyes, Alexander finds that he is no longer...