Tambra Kay Petrie

Tambra Kay Petri says she's "a "PK" (preacher's kid) and proud of it! "I grew up loving music and the theater, loving to perform, and loving to write. I served as church pianist all through high school and as pianist for a promotional traveling group in college. My career goals were in business. However, since marrying and the birth of our three children, the Lord has directed me to use my natural talents, which are in music and writing," says Tambra. Tambra has taught music and worked with teens in drama as well as served in a variety of capacities in her church in Fresno, California. There she's directed several Broadway-style musicals and established a drama troupe to perform sermon starters (many of them written by her) on a bi-monthly basis. In 1992, she wrote her first full-length comedy Christmas play for her church, which she also directed. The play was such a success that she continued writing from that time on. She currently has six plays with Eldridge Publishing Company.
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  Christmas Without the Angel

Adult Christmas by Tambra Kay Petrie

47 pages

4 m, 8 w, 4 b, 3 g.

Millionaire Jonathan Bingsley suddenly has his mansion and life turned upside down when a social worker friend asks him to take in six young children for the holidays. It's just a "temporary" measure until the children, who have lost their parents and home in a tragic fire, can be placed permanently. To add to the confusion, Jonathan's interferring sister shows up, bringing along her lazy son and his family. Jonathan's only relief from all the stress is the thought of his only daughter, Cynthia, who is coming home for the first time since her mother's (his wi...

  Guilty as Charged

Easter by Tambra Kay Petrie

28 pages

3 m, 3 w.

Doug and Jeff Montgomery, along with their wives, and college-student sister, Sara Montgomery, are heading home for the weekend to perform a play for the church's annual Easter Sunrise Service. As luck would have it, they are stranded at a run-down lodge where they meet Calvin Bruzenski, a lovable but not-too-bright "surfer dude" who sets his sights for Sara. To make good use of their stranded, waiting time, Jeff and Doug decide to rehearse their Easter skit. Calvin, eavesdropping and unfamiliar with the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, believes it to ...

  New Kid In The Flock

Anytime Youth by Tambra Kay Petrie

47 pages

3 m, 2 w, 5 teen girls, 9 teen boys, extras.

A comedy about the hardships teenager, Matt Duncan, goes through when his family moves from California to a small mid-western town. Matt is forced to make new friends and important choices that could affect the rest of his life. The Duncans' new neighbors lead them to Christ and invite them to their church. Unfortunately, the church youth are not very receptive to Matt and even think he is packing a gun in his over-sized pants! Fortunately, the church leaders are able to help, and as Matt accepts Christ, the church kids also start anew. Lots of laughs in this play which effectively captu...

  Night That Started It All

Christmas Youth by Tambra Kay Petrie

45 pages

5 m, 5 w, 1 flexible, 2 boys, 1 girl, extras, choir

Imagine the Christmas story written, directed and performed by teenagers! Follow the antics of CJ, the author of this wild and crazy nativity scene, along with Amos and Jordy, two idiotic stagehands, as they try to retell the story of the nativity from a "teenager's point of view." After watching a rehearsal and weathering an emotional explosion from a stuffy lady of the congregation, the Pastor reminds CJ and the rest of the teens that, although it is okay to have fun in the Christmas program, there is still a holiness about the entire event that should neve...