Susan Evans

Susan Evans lives in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia with her husband, Don, of 38 years. They have two sons, two daughters, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, four grandsons and a granddaughter. She and her husband have pastored their current church for 30 years. She is the quintessential small church pastor’s wife who handles everything from children’s church to youth group to potluck dinners to directing the annual Christmas play. (The only thing she doesn’t do is play the piano.) She also works with preschool special needs children. Susan’s interest in writing began as a teenager, writing in a journal. Since those days she has written numerous plays and skits for her church over the years. These performances have given her and her congregation the opportunity to minister to people in their small community who never attend church at any other time. In her spare time she goes exploring with her grandsons; she is also an avid reader, loves to swim, and enjoys her horses.

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  One More Christmas Miracle

Adult Christmas by Susan Evans

36 pages

4 m, 5 w, 3 flexible, 2 children, extras

The mission/soup kitchen is in financial trouble, and one of the biggest donors wants to find out what’s really going on there. Wealthy Ms. Witherspoon decides to send her personal assistant in to investigate, discreetly of course. What she finds out is so shocking that Ms. Witherspoon herself must go in, disguised as a street person, to see if her past has entered the present. The shelter director and his faithful assistant, both of whom are deeply committed to Christ and the mission, are totally unaware of the unfolding events and are praying for a miracle ...

  Christmas on Prosperity Lane

Comedy by Susan Evans

39 pages

5 m, 5 w, 1 flex, 2 boys, optional extras

It’s almost Christmas on Prosperity Lane. The Johnson family can’t get any of their Christmas lights to work, but worse than that, Charles and Elaine, along with their four children, have lost the Christmas Spirit – and they haven’t even noticed! After Mrs. Snodgrass, their outspoken elderly neighbor, points this out, Elaine offers a hasty prayer for help and comes up with a plan to help the children reach out to others during the season. Charles is with Elaine, but of course the kids all put up a fuss. Meanwhile bumbling thieves Rex and Roxie Lewis are makin...