Snow White - Miracle of Mirador

Book By: C. Michael Perry
Play #: 7180
Pages: 56 pgs
Cast: 6 m, 4 w, 9 either

Here’s an exciting, magical and very untraditional version of Snow White! This time the evil Queen Zantha wants to change the ending so she’ll win. Her goal is to not only be the fairest in the land, but to unite a special scepter and mystical orb which will give her ultimate power. She will then rule both Snow’s kingdom of Aradon and the Prince’s kingdom of Mirador. Zantha cons Snow into eating a poisoned apple. The Prince, who wishes to marry Snow, and the Loyal Huntsman can only use magic and sorcery to fight Zantha, and her equally power-hungry family including her sister, Witheria, and their father, Topher. Luckily, the Prince and Huntsman are helped by Miraden, an ancient and benevolent wizard. He presents three riddles they must solve to locate and bring together the scepter and orb, and ultimately save Snow’s life. Lots of humor added with the antics of the dwarves and some of the characters speaking to the Narrator directly. Several simple settings. Some songs include “Think Happy,” “Do It to Them First,” "One Lucky Day,” and “Magic! Wonder!” About 90 minutes. (Song sample at right is the Elves' "Marching Song.")

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