Sisters Of Jesus -Pmaster

Play #: 1453
Cast: 3 m, 3 w, 2 boys, 1 girl
On this last day at home before Jesus begins his ministry, the family is charged with fear, bitterness, and resentment├╣all directed against Jesus. Elizabeth, an unmarried sister, resents what she sees as her brother's selfishness. Deborah, a younger sister who is married and the mother of Nathan, fears how Jesus' plans will affect Mary, their mother. Their brother James feels bitter and destructive, especially since returning home after a failed attempt to live on his own. Another brother, Juda, a teenager and shepherd, feels rejected because Jesus refuses to take Juda with him. When Jesus' family verbally attacks him, his niece, Rachel, runs to defend Jesus, and James viciously strikes her. Mary suddenly appears screaming hysterically at the door. Baby Nathan has been in a terrible accident. Jesus goes at once to the little boy's side. It is the turning point for the family. In the final scene, Jesus has not only healed Nathan, but the rest of his family as well. When Jesus has gone, Mary tells her family about the events of Jesus' birth. The play closes with a joyous family dinner.
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