Seeking Jesus

Book By: Laurel Means
Play #: 1500
Pages: 44 pgs
Cast: 11 monologues and duets (up to 9 w)

These eleven monologues and duets, presented through nine women, tell the emotional events of Jesus’ Crucifixion and the miracle of his foretold Resurrection. Chronologically arranged, they closely follow the Passion story in interweaving the women’s relationships with Jesus and with each other. Each piece, however, may stand alone, whether in a liturgical role during a worship service, or as part of a program. "Seeking Jesus" assists us in seeing these women as individuals. They are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, disciples – just as women of today. Lengths vary, from 8 to 10-minute monologues to 20 to 30-minute duets.


Individual titles include “Mary, Martha, and Food for the Soul” (duet); “Mary, Martha, and the Raising of Lazarus” (duet); ”The Sinful Woman Who Anointed Jesus’ Feet”; ”The Outcast at the Well”; “Joanna and John the Baptist”; “Joanna and Jesus”; “Mary, Mother of Jesus, and the Grave Cloth”; “Pilate’s Wife Fears for Rome”; Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and the Last Days” (duet); “Mary Magdalene at the Crucifixion”; and “Tabitha’s Miracle.”

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