Ronald and Pamela Moss

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  Christmas Is Calling Me Home

Adult Christmas by Ronald and Pamela Moss

24 pages

Large, flexible cast, approx. 11 m, 9 w, and any number of children.

This is one Christmas Eve you'll want to spend out of town - with the friendly folks of Nazareth, Texas. Modern day scenes with the flavor and poignancy of "Steel Magnolias" bring the Christmas story to life. From the Chic 'N Sassy beauty shop where Rhonda Gae learns she is pregnant, to the Starlight Motel where Leona helps a poor young couple find refuge, to a lonely farmhouse where the lost Jubilee Trio singers deliver gifts to an infant, you'll see the Christmas story unfold in a very special way. Warm, neighborly characters, a Christmas Spirit who serves ...