Rollie Anderson

Rollie Tom Anderson has been an author, musician and lyricist for over 40 years. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he studied journalism at Dallas Baptist University and the University of North Texas. In the 1970s he was part of the musical group “Daniel,” that recorded for Paramount Records, and “Texas Rose,” a band that released an album on the STA label. After relocating to further pursue a recording career in Los Angeles for three years, he moved back to Texas in the early ‘80s and began to concentrate on his writing. Since then he has penned a novel, two full-length screenplays, multiple television scripts for an animated children’s series, and three stage plays. His illustrated book that helps children deal with grief entitled “Tears to Rainbows” was published in 2006 and is currently available on He resides in Forney, Texas with his wife, Debra.
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  Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

Adult Christmas by Rollie Anderson

54 pages

6 m, 8 w, 4 children, extras. Doubling possible.

Here’s a wonderful comedy that’s sure to charm audiences of all ages. When pre-teen brats Jimmy Pate and his cousin Brianne don’t get the gifts they think they deserve, they pray to God and ask for no more Christmas. The next year as the holiday fails to materialize, the two kids are the only ones who notice, in hilarious and heart-wrenching ways, that it’s missing. The store owner doesn’t have a clue about Christmas displays, the cable company operator never heard of Christmas movies, and even Jimmy’s older sister thinks the only holiday in December is New Y...