Robert Mattson

Robert Mattson, a Boston-based playwright, has been writing since 1990. Creating smart comedies that rely on quick, quirky dialog, his shows have been performed all over the country and in Canada, make him internationally infamous. When not writing plays, Rob lives in Upton, MA with his wife Jen and his precocious cats Gordon and Rhoda.
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  Bingo Spells Murder

Comedy Interactive by Robert Mattson

36 pages

4 m, 3 w

Father O'Sullivan is desperate. But who wouldn't be? The bank is about to foreclose on his church buildings and orphanage. He's got young people struggling with questions of love, developers struggling to turn the house of God into the Condos of God, a gangster struggling with the English language, and a bookkeeper who's just a struggle for everyone. Plus, he's hosting a Bingo night as a last chance to raise enough money to get himself out of this mess. So, what happens when his bookkeeper is killed and the money is stolen? It's time for Father O'Sullivan to ...