Rita Weinstein

Rita Weinstein says her writing career can best be described as "eclectic" having worked in all media, including writing and producing an award-winning short film. Her involvement with theatre, which has included writing, directing, performing, and producing, has always providing a spirit-resurrecting escape from the corporate world she's also inhabited. Having lived all over the country, spanning the distance from Hawaii to Florida, Rita is now a resident of Seattle. Of her two plays she says: "'Camelot Court' is a visit back to the Florida I grew up in, and how it felt to come of age during the struggle for civil rights and particularly during the nuclear nightmare that was the Cuban missile crisis. 'Something Fishy This Way Comes' is about the fact that those who have the greatest impact on us are never really gone, so we have to deal with what they leave behind with as much honesty as we can stand and as much humor as we can muster."
Picture of Rita Weinstein