Rev. John Wintermute

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  Seeking the Savior

Christmas Youth by Rev. John Wintermute

20 pages

2 m, 5 teens, 2 children.

Seven youngsters, who have heard that Jesus appears on Earth on Christmas Eve, sneak into the church near midnight. As much as they hope to see Him, they become frightened when a strange man appears. In ragged clothes, hungry and tired, the stranger eats the food the youngsters brought as they question him. Is he some kind of homeless man or is he indeed the Savior they have been seeking? An extraordinary play which reminds us that our Savior is not just found in church but is everywhere. About 30 minutes.

  Good News From Bethlehem

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

12 pages

6 m, 3 w, 6 flex, extras.

Bring the biggest news story ever to your congregation with special, on-the-spot reports from the hills of Bethlehem. Reporters interview villagers on the scene including shepherds who tell how the singing of angels led them to a stable where a baby has just been born. Soon the reporters interview wise men and even the baby's parents themselves. As one reporter closes the newscast he wonders what the world will one day make of the events of this night.

  Voice of Christmas

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

12 pages

2 speaking parts.

A minister, alone in the sanctuary, wants something different for Christmas Eve service, something with a real emotional kick, perhaps a famous person. Then the Voice from above speaks. For every glitzy idea the minister has, the Voice counters it. Finally by recounting Jesus' birth, the Voice seems to get through to the minister. The simple nativity story is best. The minister pulls out a tape recorder proclaiming, "But I do have a celebrity!" The tape, however, has only one voice - his own. The minister realizes the old, old story of Love's greatest gift gi...

  Hiriam, the Innkeeper!

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

8 pages

1 m, 2 flexible parts.

Hiriam, the innkeeper from Bethlehem, interrupts the modern day speaker's sermon. Hiriam has been desperately seeking the couple he turned away some 2,000 years ago to now make amends to them. The modern day speaker and assistant are amazed then outraged at his story. But their piousness fades as they see how Hiriam is truly seeking the Christ child. They tell what happened to that newborn Babe and explain that He is still alive and the only way to keep Him is to share Him. Then they do so by shaking hands with everyone. This program will make even visitors a...

  Little Light of Love

Adult Christmas by Rev. John Wintermute

12 pages

1 m, 1 w, extras, non speaking.

Here's an unusual and touching candelight service. Guardian angels Gabriel and Agnes are confused when they hear God is sending the Prince of Peace to earth as a baby. A baby?! No army, no muscle, no clout? Then the Child will certainly need the best home and education to succeed. As they argue over the details, they realize He has already been born. The two angels then help the only way they can. From one stable candle they start lighting candles of the congregation to "light the waiting hearts of all those who stand in the dark." Performance time: About 20 ...