Rebecca Frohling

Rebecca Frohling has, at various times, been an adorable child, a whiny teenager, an overwhelmed student, a happy wife, an overwhelmed but also happy mother- sometimes all these things within the same day. In 1997, she attended Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts and obtained her film degree- which totally explains why she now works in an office. While at film school, her script, The Death of Joe Keenan, was chosen for the class final film project. Not so interested in writing at the time, her writing might have died too had she not been inspired by a chance circumstance to write The Family Fruitcake in 2009. This experience flipped the long dormant switch, and made her realize who she is (on top of everything listed previously): a writer. Following Fruitcake, she promptly penned a massive epic web radio series (like you do) entitled The Threads of Time- new episodes monthly! Who knows what she will write next? Certainly not Rebecca. But one thing she does know: she's more than ready to find out. Bring on the next adventure!

Picture of Rebecca Frohling.