Rainbow Review

Book By: Christy Long
Play #: 2601
Pages: 46 pgs
Cast: Cast: 3 boys, 2 girls, 13-17 flexible, extras.

Noah has known since he was a boy that his gift of being able to communicate with the animals would be put to use someday by God. Now the ark has been completed and "someday" has arrived. Faithful farm animal friends help Noah gather creatures from the four corners of the earth to be saved from the coming flood. As the animals board the ark in military style to the song "Two by Two," skeptics appear - the critical unicorn, the mocking hyena and the cow who is sure she will become barbecue if she enters the ark. You will empathize with Noah and his family singing "Don't Rock the Boat" as they deal with life on the ark which includes a sea-sick mule, a smelly pig family, a pack of quickly-multiplying rabbits, and realization that this boat ride is no luxury cruise. God's faithfulness becomes evident to everyone in the grand finale, "Rainbow Review." With Shem, Noah's son, acting as narrator you will definitely gain a new perspective on this well-known Bible story. Through humorous lines and seven imaginative songs we see that even when the storms of life come, there is a rainbow waiting at the end of the journey. Listen to excerpts of this musical online or order Christian Demo 2, #7402. For performance, order the Print Master with CD, #2601M. (Sorry, due to the size of music files, this play is not available to download electronically at this time.)

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