R. James Scott

R. James Scott began writing and performing as a teenager in the early ‘70s. He approaches each new project as a literary and performance adventure. For the past thirty years, he has been performing, directing, and writing for college, community and high school theatres. He lived through the Vietnam era, and drew on many of his memories of that time to complete "The Birthday Party" which was first produced for regional and state one-act play competitions in the spring of 2002. He has also created monologues for the collection "Multiplicity" with former student Bianca Cowan. "A Highland Requiem" was first produced in the spring of 2003 for regional and state one-act play festivals where it received several performance awards.

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  The Last Train

Drama Historic by R. James Scott

31 pages

6 m, 5 w, extra flexible roles

World War II lingers on. The unspeakable operations in the death camps are slated for closure, but there is still time for one last train to deliver prisoners before the Americans arrive. Two young German soldiers, Hans and Eric, are sick at heart and know their country is in ruin. They are assigned to assist the loading of the last car. Eric is shocked when he hears Anna, a childhood friend, call out to him for help. But Anna doesn’t have her papers, and no matter what Eric says to his superiors, he cannot convince them it is wrong for her to be there. Hans ...

  Birthday Party

Drama by R. James Scott

26 pages

8 m, 3 w, extras

A complex and moving play as a soldier serving overseas "celebrates" a birthday by militarily taking a hill while his twin sister back home celebrates their birthday with the family and her twin's fiancée. The surreal setting and movement of the action lead to a shocking conclusion. About 30 minutes.